eBOS Technologies

eBOS Technologies is an Information Technology company with offices in the UK, Ireland, Cyprus, and strategic partners in Belgium and Greece. eBOS is dedicated in providing comprehensive and cost-effective technologically-advanced e-business software solutions to enterprise customers worldwide.

Our product portfolio provides a wide range of Windows® and web-based customizable business solutions targeted for the enterprise market.  Our core entity, WiseBOS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), is a state-of-the-art comprehensive software Suite, that offers complete, innovative, and proven solutions for enterprises of all sizes who want to thrive in the new digital era.  WiseBOS ERP Suite is designed to adapt in flexible ways to the ever-changing business needs of companies, unleashing the real potential of having fully integrated solutions that are fully-aligned with their business directives. 

We are heavily investing in beyond the state-of-the-art technologies, thereby accelerating future digital innovation. Our Research & Development (R&D) division is focused on future-oriented research in a broad area of activities and domains.  Our long-term expertise and experience have been boosted though our successful engagement in cutting-edge research projects funded by the  European Commission.  In collaboration with large international research teams, we have managed to become a highly respected and reliable partner, and have made significant achievements at the frontier of ICT development, to drive industry development and business model success via technological breakthroughs. 

Our Mission & Vision

We are a customer-centric company offering and supporting a broad-range of business software-based applications.  Our mission is to cultivate long-term relationships with our customers and maintain their loyalty, by providing them with superior quality, innovative ICT solutions, which will assist them in achieving their business goals.

Our vision is to become a leading one-stop shop software-solutions provider for enterprises worldwide. Our company will grow as long as we keep our customers satisfied by help them manage and run their businesses more efficiently.  Our products are developed in such a way that are easy to install, flexibly customizable and maintained, and cost-effective, whilst the services provided by our support team will help minimize the complexity of managing our customers’ daily business processes.

What we do best

We specialize in software development of technologically advanced e-business solutions, addressing the needs of enterprise customers, whilst investing a significant percentage of our budget and resources to R&D.

We have developed a unique next-generation enterprise-grade Suite of software solutions, named WiseBOS ERP, that integrates upgraded user-friendly business applications, thereby enabling modern enterprises to be more productive and cost efficient.  Our WiseBOS ERP is empowered by the state-of-the-art WiseBOS platform, which enables our software development team to leverage the WiseBOS ERP Suite with attractive and reliable customer-centric software services. 

In this way, we gain customer satisfaction and confidence in our products compared to the competition, that uses older legacy standard methods of manually developing software code, which may entail pitfalls and a high-probability of residual defects, resulting in unreliable and unsafe products.  Therefore, our customers enjoy much-higher quality services with increased reliability, better support, with lower ownership and operational costs.  Our WiseBOS ERP Suite is regularly updated, upgraded and enhanced with new features and functionality, which are offered to our customers without any additional cost, thus offering much better value for money.

Why choose eBOS

The main reason for choosing eBOS is the trust that major reputable companies worldwide are showing in our products and services.  Our WiseBOS ERP Suite includes an extensive range of top-quality solutions at competitive price schemes, and we are proud to have them adopted by the majority of top-ranking firms in diverse domains, such as in the sectors like legal, fiduciary, accounting and audit, as well as business consulting.
Based on freely available data published by the European Commission, ResearchRanking.org provides innovative estimates on the funding and networking performance of European research institutions.  ResearchRanking.org calculates a performance score for selected European research institutions and uses this score to provide an annual ranking list of these institutions.  We are proud to be listed consistently in the European Research Ranking amongst the top institutions in the local market. This achievement is a proof of success of our team hard work, devotion and high-level of expertise.  With our efficient company structure and processes, and our team high-expertise and rich academic qualifications, we find ourselves in a better position to spend aggressively on R&D, compared to our closest rivals.  We have a significant percentage of our team involved in research, which is one of the highest amongst non-academic private software development companies worldwide.

Ever since and despite fierce competition in research throughout Europe, we have succeeded in securing a number of breakthrough projects under the EU’s 7th Framework and Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programs.  All projects undertaken so far have been successfully and timely completed within the allocated budget constraints.

Another sound evidence of our success is that in 2012, we were selected as one of the ten most elite companies in Cyprus for representation in the European Business Awards for being a Beacon of Best Practice.