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Case Management
Case Management is one of the most sophisticated legal software solutions in the market, designed to effectively manage, simplify, streamline and coordinate the work of lawyers, legal assistants and associated staff in legal firms.

WiseBOS CM is simple and easy-to-use, allowing you to keep detailed information, procedural actions and expenses incurred for litigation cases, legal contracts, consulting services, wills and probate.  It manages appointments for court appearances and hearings as it can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook Calendar with automatic scheduling and custom reminders.
Court Case Management
Consultancy Services Management 
Conversion of Consulting Services to Court Case
Over 2000 types of pre-defined Charges
Automated Legal Expenses Management 
Automated Court Fees Management  
Automated Reminders for Court Hearings
Check Conflict of Interest capability
Hearing & Appearances Management
Sync your Appointments with MS Outlook
Generate documents from pre-defined Templates
Dynamic Report Designer
Clients Management 
Court Case History
Dynamic Reports Management
Intelligent Dashboards
Fields Customization
Custom Permissions Level
Workflows Management
Document Management
Advanced Search
Multi-Company Handling
Data Security and Audit Trail
Microsoft Plug-ins & Integration
Data Filter & Export