"Managing your Payroll has never been easier!"

Payroll Management
WiseBOS Payroll Management (PM) solution allows modern businesses of any size to efficiently manage and automate their payroll process, easily and accurately. Our solution allows you to calculate your employee salary details and the relevant deductions and taxes, and to easily auto-complete all the relevant tax forms thus minimizing administrative costs and saving time. Focus more on your core business activities and significantly reduce all the administration burden of your payroll process with all the complex and time-consuming tasks involved.

You can use the WiseBOS PM solution as stand-alone or with other WiseBOS solutions as an integral part of the WiseBOS ERP suite.
Employee Management
Support Monthly& Weekly 
Support Custom & Tax Contributions
Multiple Companies Support 
Form Generation & Completion IR59, IR63, IR7, PAYE
Custom formatted Payslips generation  
Wide range of build-in reports
Absence and Vacation Leaves Reports
Custom Permissions Level 
Document Management
Intelligent Dashboards 
Warnings & Reminders management 
Fields Customization
Workflows Management
Advanced Search
Data Security and Audit Trail
Data Filter & Export