"Get Time Work For you, not against you"

Time Management
In today’s modern business environment, time is perhaps the most important factor to be considered when managing a large number of clients. Most of the times due to lack of proper scheduling and planning you lose track of time and deliverables, and when it comes to billing your actual time spent, you realize that you have exceeded your initial time estimation which you had agreed with a customer. Loss of your time means loss of profits for your business. 

WiseBOS Time Management (TM) is an affordable solution that assists you to keep track and record the time spent per client, project or task, through relevant timesheets and make billing efforts less complicated and more accurate.  It incorporates advanced expense tracking mechanisms and can be easily integrated with WiseBOS Invoicing & Billing to effectively organize budgeting and client billing on-time.
Easy to use and Powerful
Simple and User Friendly Interface
Save Time and money by reducing planning errors
Efficiently deliver jobs on time and on budget 
Track the expenses incurred by your employees fast and easy
Accurately collect and consolidate timesheets
Charge based on employee hourly rate or predefined charge type
Outlook Calendar Style
Management Reports 
Timesheets provide accurate fee calculation, prompt invoicing
Central access of all employees’ timesheets, with historic data available with a click of a button