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Hyper-Distributed Artificial Intelligence Platform for Network Resources Automation and Management Towards More Efficient Data Processing Applications
Uptake of Innovative Security-as-a-Service Solutions
6G Pilots and Trials Through Europe
SUstainable federatioN of Research Infrastructures for Scaling-up Experimentation in 6G
6G-Multiband Wireless and Optical Signalling for Integrated Communications, Sensing and Localisation
Intent-driven NaTive AI architecturE supporting Compute-Network abstraction and Sensing at the Deep Edge
Evaluation and Validation of Connected Mobility in Real Open Systems Beyond 5GS
A Wood-to-Wood Cascade Upcycling Valorisation Approach
Towards a Sustainable and Accepted 6G for Society
A Smart and Adaptive Framework for Enhancing Trust in 6G Networks
advaNced cybErsecurity awaReness ecOsystem for SMEs
Certification for Cybersecurity in EU ICT using Decentralised Digital Twinning
Climate Adaptation and Resilience Demonstrated In the MEDiterranean region
FeDerated nEtwork of pLatforms for Passenger and freigHt Intermodality
Enhancing the In-situ Environmental Observations across Under-sampled Deserts
Distributed Artificial Intelligence-driven open and programmable architecture for 6G networks
Building Reusable testbed Infrastructures for validating Cloud-to-device breakthrough technologies
AI-empowered Edge Cloud Continuum for self-aware cognitive computing environments
An integrated toolbox for improved verification and prevention of adulterations and non-compliances in organic and geographical indications food supply chain
Field Trials beyond 5G
secuRe desIGn and deplOyment of trUsthwoRthy cOntinUum computing 6G Services
MetaCities Excellence Hub in South-Eastern Europe
Nexus framework for biodiversity-relevant transformative change
safeGUARDing biodivErsity aNd critical ecosystem services across sectors and scales

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We have the best-in-class, all-in-one WiseBOS Suite with the richest functionality

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We have a passion for continuous research and innovation

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