Towards a Sustainable and Accepted 6G for Society

Duration: 01/01/2024 – 31/12/2025   |   Total Funding: € 1,086,875


Ensuring seamless connectivity between the internet and daily life is pivotal for achieving full integration across the digital, physical, and human realms, extending access to populations previously digitally excluded or underserved. Recognising the potential societal impact of this multidimensional disruption, it is imperative to approach 6G with a humanistic and sociological perspective. This viewpoint allows us to navigate future technological development with an awareness of possible scenarios, opportunities, and threats at the environmental, societal, and human levels.

The substantial societal challenges associated with 6G extend beyond mere performance criteria, system reliability, and security concerns. One of the foremost challenges is fostering a fair and trustworthy socio-technical environment where next-generation networks and associated technologies align with performance aspects, ethical principles, and socio-economic needs. The same imperative applies at the level of technology applications, as the disruptive potential of 6G technology is anticipated across various vertical sectors (e.g., transport, healthcare, manufacturing) with its capacity to enable immersive communication and augmented reality.

Hence, the 6G4Society project seeks to reconcile the inherent tension between two simultaneous imperatives in the technological evolution of 6G: (a) achieving performance objectives for technology, and (b) guaranteeing the proper integration of societal and sustainability values into technology, recognising them as essential precursors to acceptability.

Project Objectives

6G4Society project identifies four main objectives:


Enhance comprehension and foster shared knowledge regarding factors that influence public acceptance of 6G technologies.


Facilitate the formulation and advancement of a unified EU consensus framework emphasising a value-based, sustainable, and ethics-driven approach to 6G. Promote this framework through participation in the 6G EU and global standard-setting processes.


Actively engage and connect with the public to cultivate social acceptance of 6G.


Empower the 6G community by guiding them on integrating EU policy and legislation into technological solutions for the development of future networks and services.

eBOS Role in the Project

eBOS’ role in the project is to significantly contribute to:


Leading the efforts on the work implemented under Work Package (WP) 4, in regard to the communication, dissemination, exploitation, and standardisation activities of the project, which deals with all the activities that maximise the impact of the project outcomes.


Leading the efforts on the exploitation and sustainability of the project by setting up a continuous market and research watch, and a techno-business-societal assessment of the opportunities for 6G4Society portfolio, as well as ensuring the future exploitation and deployment of the project results.


Leading the quality and risk management activities by providing ongoing mitigation strategies and planning.


Participating in consumer associations and other events, and promoting the project.


Contributing to synergy planning with 6G Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs) and other initiatives.


Supporting the coordination with 6G initiatives towards Technology Acceptance Model, and a Common Key Sustainability Indicators Framework.

6G4Society project has received funding from the SNS JU under the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, under Grand Agreement No 101139070.