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A collaborative event between the European project HERMES & the Cyprus Defence Ecosystem

The collaborative event between the European project HERMES and the Cyprus Defence Ecosystem took place on June 18th at the Hilton Hotel in Nicosia.

The HERMES project is funded under the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP). It is coordinated by the Cypriot company eBOS Technologies Ltd, a pioneer in research & development and a leader in participation in European Programs. Notably, this is the first time a Cypriot company is coordinating a European defence project with support from the Ministry of Defence of Cyprus.

The goal of organising the event was to present the project and the broader Cyprus Defence Ecosystem in the field of research and innovation.

The event, moderated by Mr Christos Skoufis, the project Coordinator and Deputy Head of R&D Projects at eBOS, showcased the HERMES project’s cutting-edge innovations and significant achievements. The consortium companies, ITTI from Poland, Invisible Things Lab from Germany, and TALGEN Cybersecurity from Estonia, each brought their unique and indispensable expertise, a critical factor in the project’s success.

Additionally, the event presented other defence-related projects funded under the EDIDP and the European Defence Fund (EDF) programs. The participation of Cypriot companies (SignalGeneriX, CyRIC, Sidroco, Additess, Ianus Technologies, Ecliptic, Encorp, and S.Houtris) in these projects and defence-related activities was highlighted, providing a comprehensive view of the robust and diverse Cypriot Defence Ecosystem in the fields of research and innovation, ensuring the audience is well-informed about the local capabilities.

Distinguished representatives from the European Commission, the Ministry of Defence of Cyprus, the Cyprus Army Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers Associations, the Cyprus Police, and the Cyprus Association of Research and Innovation Enterprises (CARIE) attended the event. Mr. Demetris Skourides, Cyprus’s Chief Scientist for Research, Innovation, and Technology, was the event’s honorary guest.

Participation in this event was a unique opportunity for all involved parties to learn about the latest developments in defence technology and innovation, creating new prospects for potential collaborations in the defence sector.
Mr Christos Skoufis
Deputy Head of R&D Projects, eBOS Technologies

About HERMES Project

The HERMES project aims to fully design the HERMES Data eXchange Platform (DXP). This platform serves as a foundation for addressing challenges related to automation in cybersecurity and secure data exchange in autonomous military systems. The HERMES DXP aims to protect future security and defence systems and represents a technological innovation for Cyprus and the broader European defence environment.

The project’s total duration is 33 months, and the total subsidised cost was €2,499,780.00.

More about the HERMES project: project website.