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Advertorial of eBOS Technologies in the INBUSINESS magazine focused on Research, Development and Innovation

IN BUSINESS magazine hosted an advertorial based on the mission and product portfolio of eBOS. The advertorial points out how eBOS stands out of the competition and how it manages to be recognized as a leading research and development institution at European Level.

Also, the advertorial emphasizes the honorary distinction of the company as an innovative SME by the Ministry of Finance in 2019. Dr. Loizos Christofi, eBOS  R&D Director, stated the successful participation of the company in the EU-funded H2020 Framework Programme for Research & Innovation and the wealth of opportunities in Horizon Europe. As he explained, the R&D department of eBOS is really honored to be positioned as the second participant in the H2020 programme amongst all enterprises in Cyprus. Today, he said, we look forward to joining Horizon Europe, where we intend to maintain our passion for excellence by further improving our performance and technological knowhow. Dr. Christofi also mentioned that this is pivotal for applying the latest best-of-breed technologies and innovation to the company’s commercial products and services and reinforcing our competitive advantage. eBOS looks forward to making the most of the collaborations, partnerships and projects, which will be fostered as part of the Horizon Europe Programme.

Last but not least, the advertorial states the strong dedication of eBOS to their clients and their passion for research. These two elements make eBOS  uniquely able to deliver best-of-breed innovation that delivers real business value in the most challenging corporate environments.