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Announcing WiseBOS New Version Release

Here at eBOS we work hard to continuously refine and upgrade the solutions that you use and love.

September’s 2023 release brings several updates, improvements and security enhancements, both in the overall WiseBOS Suite as well as in individual solutions, that we are certain you’ll find valuable for your business.

The new Version is expected to roll out early-September. Thank you for your continuous support and stay tuned for even more exciting updates to come!

WiseBOS Suite
  • Document Management Enhancements
  • Security Fixes
  • Addresses Improvements
  • Prefix Suffix Improvements
  • Platform Updates Improvements
  • Dashboard Export Functionality Improvements
  • Display of the actively logged-in users, when an additional user attempts to log in
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  • Customizable Scoring of High-Risk Countries
  • Additional fields in the company grid
  • ML-TF Analytical Report fixes
  • Economic Profile Report fixes
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Corporate Legal
  • Edit Functionality of MS Word and Excel files Directly from the Document Management
  • Capital Functionality fixes
  • Corporate Register Report fixes
  • Address and Contact Version fixes
  • Template Forms fixes
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