Hyperconnected simulation ecosystem supporting probabilistic design and predictive manufacturing of next generation aircraft structures.

Duration: 01/05/2022 – 31/10/2025  |   Total Funding: € 5,956,880.00 €


The aviation industry estimates that CO2 global emissions to be tripled by 2050 compared to 2015. This leads to the need of adopting a new breed of aircraft, as tube-and-wing design powered by turbofan engines will not be sufficient to reach the EU 2050 goal to reduce CO2 air emissions. The intention is therefore to re-think aerostructure and start delivering feasible and reliable disruptive aircraft concepts by proposing extensive re-design and new manufacturing technologies.

CAELESTIS is aiming at developing a hyperconnected simulation ecosystem to support the probabilistic design and predictive manufacturing of next-generation aircraft structures. The project focuses on reducing CO2 emissions, cost, risk and time for future aircraft development.

Project Objectives

The project’s objectives are to:


Develop a digital thread across the value chain linking the design, simulation, production engineering and manufacturing of next-generation airframe and engine structures


Develop model-based product and manufacturing digital twins, supporting virtual prototyping of next-generation aerostructures by linking and managing design and manufacturing uncertainties


Develop advanced high-performance computing (HPC) data analytics that supports the design and manufacturing engineering


Develop smart manufacturing strategies to identify and reduce in real-time the impact of defects across the manufacturing chain


Foster the uptake of the CAELESTIS virtual prototyping ecosystem across the EU aeronautics industry to boost innovation for future aircraft with a Multi-Actor Approach

Role in the Project

The main technical contribution of eBOS in CAELESTIS is to conduct in-depth research and development work related to cybersecurity considerations analysis and recommendations, software interoperability with CAELESTIS digital thread, and their integration with the CAELESTIS Interoperable Simulation Ecosystem.

eBOS having been certified with ISO27001 will ensure that the project complies with proper cybersecurity, as well as defence mechanisms to safeguard the security of the data, IP and end-users in the digital ecosystem. The cybersecurity analysis will be applied to industrial design and manufacturing simulation applications with a focus on the specificities of cyber-physical systems.

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