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Case Management–Web version: We Make Mobility your Competitive Advantage

eBOS is proud to announce the release of a light Web version of the Case Management Module, termed CM-Web, under the umbrella of WiseBOS Suite.

CM-Web is designed to offer quick on-the-go access to lawyers and legal assistants to their legal cases and court events via their smartphones, tablets or laptops through any web browser.

CM-Web features, among others, a dynamic dashboard with personalised information of the lawyer who is logged in at the time and their cases. Users can acquire and edit information regarding their next court event (hearing/appearance/case) whilst being out of office allowing them to have readily all available information regarding their court cases and prepare accordingly.

It helps you to: 

  • Be more productive away from your desk
  • Increase profitability as you work
  • Simplify record-keeping in real time
  • Navigate into legal matters with ease
  • Stay on top of your day and ahead of schedule
  • Get full visibility into your firm’s ongoings from any device


  • Reminders for upcoming court appearances and hearings, as well as personal reminders
  • Case, Intermediary Applications, Hearing & Appearances Management
  • Intelligent Dashboards

CM-Web version is freely available as a complimentary application to all of our existing WiseBOS CM clients!
*Prerequisite: WiseBOS CM Module must be installed on the client’s server