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Case Management

A Complete Litigation Management Solution

WiseBOS CM is designed to manage, simplify, streamline and coordinate the operations of lawyers, legal assistants and other staff within small, medium and large legal firms. It accommodates detailed information, procedural actions and expenses incurred for litigation cases, legal contracts, consulting services, and wills. CM handles appointments for court appearances and hearings as it can be fully synchronized with Microsoft Outlook Calendar with automatic scheduling and custom reminders for all related dates.


Automatic Case Calculation of Expenses & Fees According to Location
Over 500 Types Of Predefined Charges, Detailed Cases Types & History
Synchronisation With Outlook Calendar For Automatic Scheduling
Custom Reminders for Court Appearances & Hearings
Accommodates Consulting Services & Wills
We Make Mobility Your Competitive Advantage

CM–Web Version

Get access to your cases, court appearances and hearings wherever you are with CM–Web version. This light version of Case management module is designed to offer quick access to lawyers and legal assistants to their legal cases and court events via their phone, tablet, or laptop or desktop using a Web Browser.

It is an abbreviated, Web version of CM module which includes a dynamic dashboard with personalised information of the lawyer who is logged in at the time. Users can acquire and edit information regarding their next court event (hearing/appearance/case) while being out of office allowing them to prepare ahead.


Reminders For Upcoming Court Appearances & Hearings & Personal Reminders
Case, Intermediary Applications, Hearing & Appearances Management
Intelligent Dashboards

CM-Web version is available complimentary to all our existing clients!
*Prerequisite: CM Module must be installed on client’s Server

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