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CHARIOT results featured in the “Journal of Airport Management”

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement ID 780075.

The Journal of Airport Management – Volume 15 (2020-2021) Number 3, published by Henry Stewart Publications, features a paper prepared under the recently completed Horizon 2020 EU-funded project “CHARIOT: Cognitive Heterogeneous Architecture for Industrial IoT”.

The paper titled ‘IoT-based airport systems: A unified approach towards establishing trust for high security and integrity of industrial IoT platforms and sensors’ is jointly authored by Nikos Papagiannopoulos (Senior Project Manager at Athens International Airport), Konstantinos Loupos (Head of R&D Program at Inlecom), Christos Skoufis (R&D/R&I Senior Project Manager at eBOS).

The paper introduces the latest research on the emerging importance of internet of things (IoT) and edge or fog computing in modern Operational Technology (OT) based airport systems.

It reviews the novel aspects that arise as they become integral parts of critical systems such as airport building automation; energy; environmental, physical and perimeter security; passenger processing and other airport systems.

IoT-based sensors indeed provide a whole new range of features considerably advanced compared to those of previous generations of sensors, by capturing and processing data and information at the source. Although the benefits of using IoT-based platforms and edge computing have proven a game changer for airport systems, aspects such as the privacy, security and safety and risks of utilising IoT-based architectures need to be considered by airport operators, as such architectures are introduced and employed in airport operational environments. It is the aim of this paper to provide readers with the latest research on technologies that address those topics and their importance within an airport business and operational framework. The research is the result of collaborative work undertaken, as part of the CHARIOT project, by a consortium of partners that developed and validated methods and tools addressing the privacy, security and safety aspects of IoT-based airport systems.