Achieve Greater Control

Corporate Legal

Automate Administrative Procedures

WiseBOS CL is a customised solution designed for organisations offering fiduciary services, assisting in automating company formation, management and administration processes. Configurable, scalable, and expandable, WiseBOS CL is a flexible and complete solution that accommodates the standard company structures as well as advanced Trusts and Intellectual Property management structures. WiseBOS CL features a wide variety of tailored reports and diagrams, as well as a sophisticated dashboard which incorporates reminders, statistics, and expenses for improved productivity.


Corporate Contacts Management
Dynamic Reports Management
Intelligent Dashboards
Automated Tasks, Warnings & Alerts
Automated Reminders
Field Customisation
Workflows Management
Document Management
Advanced Search
Multi-Company Handling
Data Security & Audit Trail
Capital Operations
Microsoft Plug-ins & Integration
Data Filter & Export
Web Module
Undo Mechanisms
Advanced Graphs & KPIs
Customisable Permissions
Advanced Capital Management, Simplified Company Creation Wizard
Automatic Generation of Forms & Templates
Advanced Related Entities & Contacts Diagrams
Integrated Banking Module

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