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Data Process & Technological Bricks for expanding digital value creation in European Data Spaces (DataBri-X) Horizon Europe project kicks off!

The kick-off meeting of DataBri-X project took place physically on the 18th and 19th of October at Divani Palace Acropolis in Athens, Greece. During the meeting, consortium partners had the chance to meet and discuss their roles and responsibilities. This Innovation Action project, which is funded under Horizon Europe, has officially started on the 1st of October 2022 and has a total duration of 36 months.

Dr. Yerasimos Yerasimou (R&D Project Manager) and Ms. Giota Lilli (R&D Project Manager) participated in the kick-off meeting representing eBOS, which was chaired by the Project Coordinator Dr. Stelios Sartzetakis, representing Athena Research Centre (ARC), and the project’s Technical Manager Dr. Javad Chamanara, representing Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB).

Through DataBri-X, European Data Spaces, platforms and marketplaces and their wide range of business, governmental and public, research and civil society stakeholders will be equipped with a holistic and flexible data governance process and a seamless integrated standards-based toolbox for data- and metadata management. These can be assembled along relevant requirements, provide open source as well as commercial tools (the bricks / bri-X), and mechanisms to load third-party resources, such as language resources or Artificial Intelligence (AI) models, so that they can easily be deployed into Data Spaces. Therefore, DataBri-X will contribute to make Europe the most successful area in the world in terms of data sharing and data re-use, to gain the full benefit from the value of data, while respecting the legal framework relating to security and privacy.

Within the scope of the project, the DataBri-X ToolBox will be developed, which can be customised along a flexible Data Governance process and thereby specific needs can be easily deployed into Data Spaces, as well as also for other data management purposes. The DataBri-X ToolBox will be evaluated and demonstrated in three real-world Data Space use cases in the domains of (i) telecom operations (NOVA, Greece), (ii) Energy (Siemens, Austria), and (iii) legal (Wolters Kluwer, Germany).

eBOS’ main technical role in the project is focused on advancing the DataViz tool for advanced 3D data visualisation. Specifically, the DataViz tool will focus on improving the visual presentation of data and allow the extraction of meaningful information, which will support decision-making processes and constitutes an integral part of the DataBri-X ToolBox. eBOS will apply the results in the company’s WiseBOS Platform for enhancing the functionalities of its dashboards, simplify development, testing and deployment of new innovative applications and solutions. Furthermore, eBOS will be responsible for performing project quality assurance and risk management and for undertaking the design, development and implementation of the dissemination and communication activities with the support from all consortium partners and in view of maximizing the outreach activities of the project.

The DataBri-X project has received funding from Horizon Europe, under Grant Agreement No. 101070069.

More information about the project can be obtained from the project website, available soon.

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