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Discover our R&D Projects New Video on the 5G-EPICENTRE

5G Experimentation Infrastructure hosting Cloud-native NetApps for Public Protection and Disaster Relief (5G-EPICENTRE) is the fourth project launched in the series of videoclips, concerning the participation of eBOS in EU-funded Research and Development projects.

Dr. Yerasimos Yerasimou, who manages eBOS’ participation in the project, outlines the main aims and objectives of the project and elaborates on the contribution of eBOS within it.

As he explains, “5G EPICENTRE aims to deliver an open, federated 5G end-to-end (E2E) experimentation platform focused towards the needs of small and medium Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) NetApp developers. The project’s consortium consists of 17 countries from 9 countries.”

As EU is promoting the shift towards 5G for advanced broadband PPDR services, 5G-EPICENTRE seeks to provide a federation of multiple constituent 5G platforms into a single advanced, user-friendly zero-touch orchestration single point of control. As Dr. Yerasimou highlights: “Radiocommunications are a critical component for the efficient operation of agencies responsible for PPDR, such as police forces, firefighters and ambulance services. Hence, cloud-native transformation of these facilities will aid in the realization of the 5G vision for PPDR agencies.”

As Dr. Yerasimou explains: “eBOS is leading the development of the security-by-design framework, which ensures the consideration of security-related features from the very beginning of the development cycle. Also, eBOS is responsible for the development of the Northbound Application Programming Interface (API), which is the component controlling the intercommunication between the testbeds and the NetApps, as well as the cross-testbed communication.”

Finally, he explains the role of eBOS as Ethics Manager of the project, thus ensuring the adherence of 5G-EPICENTRE to the legal and ethical framework established by the European Commission.