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Discover our R&D projects: new video on the 5G Solutions for European Citizens project!

5G Solutions for European Citizens is the third project launched in the series of eBOS videoclips, regarding the company’s participation in EU-funded Research and Development projects.

Mr. Christos Skoufis, who is managing eBOS’ participation in the project, talks about the project’s main goal and objectives and underlines eBOS contribution.

“Through the project we showcase the magnitude of improvement of 5G over 4G and ensure that 5G provides prominent industries, such as Factories of the Future, Smart Energy, Smart Cities and Ports and Media & Entertainment, a continuous and ubiquitous access to forward-looking services” Mr Skoufis underlines.

The 5G-Solutions project provides validation of more than 140 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for 20 innovative and heterogeneous use cases, covering the above industries, that require 5G performance capabilities. The use cases are expected to have a high future commercialization potential.

“As part of the 5G-Solutions project, eBOS applies its 20 years of ICT experience to the design and development of the KPI Visualization Tool, giving the opportunity to end-users to validate results from trials and ensure that they are aligned with the market needs”, Mr. Skoufis explains.

In addition, eBOS is involved in the design and development of open-standards intent-based Application Programming Interfaces for facilitating the integration between vertical systems, over specific experimental 5G facilities, such as 5G-VINNI and 5G-EVE H2020 projects, which were funded by the European Commission.

Finally, Mr. Skoufis emphasizes the role of eBOS as Quality & Risk Manager. eBOS has established the Quality assurance and Risk management procedures for the project and is also responsible for organizing and supervising the corresponding project activities, ensuring the project delivers quality outputs and mitigates risks during its implementation.