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Discover our R&D Projects New Video on the INSPECTr

Intelligence Network & Secure Platform for Evidence Correlation and Transfer (INSPECTr) is the fifth project launched in the series of video clips, concerning the participation of eBOS in EU-funded Research and Development projects.

Sozos Karageorgiou, who manages eBOS’ participation in the project, outlines the main aims and objectives of the project and elaborates on the contribution of eBOS within it.

As he explains, “INSPECTr aims to develop a multi-jurisdictional and intelligent platform for digital forensics and intelligence gathering and to develop a novel process for gathering, analyzing, prioritizing and presenting key data to help in the prediction, detection and management of crime. This will support multiple law enforcement agencies at local, national and international levels”.

The project will integrate a wide range of high-tech approaches, including Big Data analytics, cognitive Machine Learning and blockchain technologies into a shared intelligence platform that will improve digital and forensic capabilities, and reduce the complexity and cost of cross-border collaboration.

The platform will incorporate privacy and ethics-by-design principles and will consider relevant national and international legislation. The final developed platform and project results will be freely available to all European Law Enforcement Agencies.”

Mr Karageorgiou adds that “eBOS is involved in establishing an efficient coordination environment where Law Enforcement Agents (LEAs) and other partners canupgrade their existing processes; utilize advanced components to investigate and practice on novel ideas; define the relevant use cases, high-level requirements, and operational baseline KPIs; and analyze feedback from the Living Labs to formulate the initial specification of INSPECTr Platform.”

In addition, eBOS is involved in the design and the development of user-friendly dashboards containing generic reusable, embeddable, lightweight, and interactive investigative widgets. These dashboards enable the simplified integration of front-end components with existing LEA applications.

Finally, eBOS is involved in the design and development of a fully customisable engine that will enable LEAs to set and edit the rules, and automate the validation of incoming information requests by other jurisdictions.