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eBOS Technologies Ltd launches a series of videoclips regarding its participation in H2020 Research and Development projects.

eBOS has a long history of engaging with international research and technology organisations, industrial leaders, universities, research organisations and SMEs to drive collaborative technological innovation and bring best-of-breed technologies to its enterprise customers. 

Our technical expertise and core competencies include software back-end and front-end architectures, intuitive dashboards/GUIs, APIs and Artificial Intelligence algorithms design and development. We also have extensive experience in non-technical activities, such as quality assurance, risk management, dissemination/communication, exploitation, GDPR and innovation management. Through our collaborative participation in European Research and Innovation projects, we enhance our know-how and incorporate the latest cutting-edge technologies in our commercial products and services. We seek to explore radically new solutions and technological breakthroughs.

We are introducing this new section with the PLANET H2020 project, which is funded by the European Commission. PLANET aims to advance EU’s leadership in global logistics flows, by efficiently interconnecting infrastructure with constant consideration to geopolitical developments, current and emerging transport modes, and technological solutions.

During the video, Mr. Philippos Philippou, Senior Project Manager at the Research and Development department, outlines the objectives of the project including eBOS contribution.