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Disruptive Innovations in the Architecture of Emerging 6G Mobile Networks, HORIZON Europe ADROIT6G Project Kicks Off!

On 26th January 2023, the ADROIT6G project “Distributed Artificial Intelligence-driven open and programmable architecture for 6G networks”, held its physical kick-off meeting (KoM) in Athens, Greece. This 36-month EU-funded Research and Innovation Action funded under the HORIZON Europe SNS programme officially started on the 1st of January 2023. 

Dr. Loizos Christofi (R&D Director), Dr. Marios Sophocleous (R&D Technical Project Manager), and Dr. Elli Symeou (R&D Project Manager) participated in the KoM, led by Dr. Christos Verikoukis representing ATHENA research centre, as the coordinator of the project. 

The meeting was attended by 13 partners and included partners’ presentations of the vision and objectives of the project, as well as an overview of the project’s expectations and guidelines by the European Commission’s Project Officer. Partners also discussed the project’s work plan, challenges and risks identified, and its implementation schedule.

ADROIT6G proposes disruptive innovations in the architecture of emerging 6G mobile networks that will make fundamental changes to the way networks are designed, implemented, operated, and maintained. Such innovations include:


Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning (AI/ML) empowered optimizations across the entire network, for high performance and automation.


Transforming the cellular network to a fully cloud-native network software, which can be implemented across a variety of edge-cloud platforms, including Non-Terrestrial Networks, with security built integrally into the network user plane.


Software-driven, zero-touch operations and ultimately automation of every aspect of the network and the services it delivers.

ADROIT6G innovations, functionalities, and performance will be validated through 3 representative extreme 6G use cases (UCs), namely

  • The holographic telepresence,
  • Industrial Internet of Things, and
  • Collaborative robots/drones

in corresponding Proof of Concepts (PoCs) over a number of well-established 5G testbeds, which will be upgraded to support ADROIT6G innovations and architectural elements.

eBOS technical role in ADROIT6G, given their 20 years of expertise as a software powerhouse, and their engagement in 8 ongoing 5G-PPP and 3 other SNS JU projects, is to provide and evolve their 5G IoT test bed facility and expertise to facilitate the testing and validation of the extreme 6G use cases in the PoCs, in small-scale lab environments.

eBOS will also leverage their AI/ML expertise to co-design, develop and integrate the BDIx agents that reside on mobile devices with AI/ML capabilities, as well as the interfaces to interact with Internet of Things platforms and far edge resources.

In addition, eBOS leads the Quality Assurance and Risk Management, ensuring the quality of the project’s outputs and deliverables including the management of the project’s risks and relevant mitigation measures. eBOS also leads the Dissemination & Communication activities. Apart from designing and maintaining the project’s website, eBOS will leverage its wide experience in the market, to contribute to the elaboration of ADROIT’s exploitation and sustainability plans and widely disseminate the project’s results to key associations and technology clusters through its membership (e.g., 6G-IA, SNS JU, AIOTI, BDVA/DAIRO, NGI, NESSI, NetWorldEurope). From the exploitation side, eBOS expects to advance knowledge and reinforce understanding in 6G architectures, extend the functionality of their 5G Internet of Things testbed to support novel 6G features and extend the company’s R&D activities.

ADROIT6G project has received funding from the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) under the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grand Agreement No 101095363.