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eBOS Compliance Solutions: Achieve a seamless and holistic digital transformation

Coming into this new decade, the need for adopting and using Regulatory Technology, especially today, is fast becoming more essential and critical for an enterprise than ever before. The desire to efficiently and effectively address the demanding regulatory requirements, national legislation and EU directives, that continuously increase both in volume and complexity, makes RegTech, a necessity. Thus, automating the compliance process and enabling the capability of an organisation to digitally transform, quicker, easier and securely. Automate your Compliance process through our advanced, next-generation regulatory technology solutions and achieve a seamless and holistic digital transformation. Customer Screening

Is one of the most comprehensive customer screening solutions in the market, specially developed to effectively screen clients against PEP lists, Sanctions lists, Adverse / Negative Media, covering more than 240 countries and territories.

Enhanced with Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning capabilities and integrated with the World’s largest risk-relevant database, provided by our partner RDC + BVD, WiseBOS Screening provides the means to achieve utmost compliance and minimize AML risks.


Is the ultimate AML tool that provides holistic compliance through advanced and next-generation regulatory technology. Fully compliant to EC’s latest AML directives and national legislation, WiseBOS RiSC offers comprehensive KYC management capabilities and intelligent AML risk assessment & scoring functionalities, through its fully customisable user-friendly interface. eCustomer Verification Solution

Is the gate for your organisation to digital transformation, quickly and securely, through electronic identification and electronic KYC. With the use of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning and biometrics, in real time, eCustomer Verification:

  • Verifies customer ID
  • Certifies if the person pictured in the ID is the same with the person who possesses the ID
  • Establishes customer’s proof of actual address from pictures of utility bills / credit cards / bank statements

Benefits & Features of eBOS Compliance Solutions

  • Simplify and automate compliance
  • Minimize risks by meeting KYC & AML mandates
  • Reduce operating costs, by automating the time-consuming manual processes
  • Onboard customers easy, quickly and accurately
  • Detect & deter fraud
  • Boost productivity & improve performance

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