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eBOS joined the ASTEP project General Assembly marking its two-year implementation!

On May 4th, 2022, the ASTEP ‘Application of Solar Thermal Energy to Processes’ H2020 project held its two-year General Assembly.

The meeting, which was virtually held, brought together representatives of all 15 Consortium partners under the leadership of the Project Coordinator, Prof. Antonio Rovira, representing UNED (Spain).

ASTEP is a four-year H2020 Research and Innovation project, in which eBOS participates, that focuses in overcoming the current limitations of the Solar Heating for Industrial processes. eBOS’s R&D Project Manager, Ms Gianna Avgousti, coordinating eBOS involvement and implementation in collaboration with the rest of the Consortium partners, participated in the General Assembly’s discussions mainly related to:

  • Reviewing the progress achieved over the first two years of the project.
  • Development, testing, and validation of the ASTEP innovative concept in a laboratory environment through relevant case studies.
  • The 11th Scientific & Technical Committee (STC), on technical sessions and updates by WP leaders/representatives.
  • Dissemination, communication, exploitation, and uptake activities.
  • The project’s key innovations and its 2nd Innovation Committee meeting.

eBOS main technical role in ASTEP is to design and implement an advanced intelligent dashboard supported by innovative big data analytics mechanisms and performance models, to allow the collection and visualisation of data from the various sensors and IoT gateways. The discussions have also been extended towards the details for the deployment of the dashboard at the testing sites to enable the validation of the ASTEP concept and methodology.

The ASTEP project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 884411.
More information about the project and public deliverables can be accessed from: