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eBOS Participated in the European Police Congress 2023 in Berlin, Germany

Between the 3rd and the 4th of May 2023, Mrs. Giota Lilli (R&D Project Manager) participated in the European Police Congress which took place in Berlin, Germany. The European Police Congress is organised by the “Behörden Spiegel”, Germany’s leading newspaper for public authorities with the support of national and European authorities.

The European Police Congress is an international congress for decision-makers from police forces, security authorities, and industries, and its intention is to strengthen the dialogue between the authorities and enable the participants to establish new contacts with colleagues from all over Europe. Over 160 speakers and around 2000 participants from numerous nations such as representatives of the police, border police, and secret services as well as governments, parliaments, and industries participated in the conference this year, to meet leading manufacturers of system solutions. The participants had the opportunity to learn, among others, about the latest technologies related to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, drones and robotics, mobile applications, 5G Networks, cloud computing, cybersecurity, etc.

The European Police Congress was an excellent opportunity to present the DARLENE project, a three-year EU-funded project investigating how cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) technology can be deployed to help law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and first responders make more informed and rapid decisions, especially in situations where time is of the essence. The project has developed innovative AR tools that aim to improve situational awareness when responding to criminal and terrorist activities. DARLENE combines innovative AR smart glass technology and powerful computer vision algorithms with 5G network architectures, to allow agile processing of real-time data by LEAs even in high-pressure situations. The project also carries out an integrated ethical, data protection, and social impact assessment of augmented reality tools to ensure compliance with ethics requirements and build public trust for the lawful use of technology.

The DARLENE project representative of Policía Local De València (PLV) Iván Luis Martínez Villanueva (Project Manager), attended as a speaker to the Panel Session “Modern crime fighting (Predictive Policing)” and presented the scope, methodology, advances, and technologies of DARLENE. At DARLENE’s exhibition space, the project coordinator, Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriou from CERTH, the Technical Manager, Dr. George Margetis from FORTH, and the Dissemination and Communication Manager, Ms. Giota Lilli from eBOS presented the DARLENE Wearable Edge Computing Node (WECN) prototype for testing.