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eBOS Participated in the SUNRISE-6G Kick-off Meeting in Athens, Greece

On the 24th of January, the new 6G SNS JU (Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking) project co-funded by the EC, titled SUNRISE-6G: SUstainable federatioN of Research Infrastructures for Scaling-up Experimentation in 6G, kicked off in Athens, Greece. The physical kick-off meeting was hosted at the InterContinental Athenaeum Hotel, and chaired by Prof. Christos Verikoukis on behalf of the Projects Coordination team, the Industrial Systems Institute, Athena Research Centre (ISI).

The meeting was attended by the project’s 29 consortium partners. eBOS participated in the meeting with two representatives, Dr. Loizos Christofi (R&D Director) and Ms. Gianna Avgousti (R&D Project Manager). During the meeting, partners presented the vision and objectives of the project and discussed the project’s work plan, tasks, challenges, risks identified and implementation schedules. Moreover, the European Commission’s expectations and guidelines have been presented by the Project Officer.

SUNRISE-6G is a 36-month Research and Innovation action with a budget of almost 14 million, that aims to deliver a sustainable and mature Experimentation facility for 6G networks, federating Beyond-5G platforms and enablers from all over the EU under a common test. SUNRISE-6G approach is inspired by the “network of networks” concept of 6G Networks, aiming to integrate all private and public infrastructures under a massively scalable internet-like architecture.

The SUNRISE-6G project aspires to create a federation of 6G test infrastructures in a pan-European facility that will support (a) converged Testing as a Service (TaaS) workflows and tools, (b) a unified catalogue of 6G enablers publicly accessible by experimenters, and (c) cross-domain vertical application onboarding. With a strong focus on standards compliance and reusable solutions that are easy to replicate and scale up in future Stream D calls, the SUNRISE-6G project is organised into the following 4 pillars:

  • Pillar 1: Implementation of new 6G enablers.
  • Pillar 2: A truly scalable and 3GPP-compliant Federation solution that provides access to various resources and devices from all EU.
  • Pillar 3: A Federated Artificial Intelligence (AI) plane which promotes a collaborative approach to AI research which benefits from scaling up datasets and models.
  • Pillar 4: All SUNRISE-6G testbeds are federated under the Facility Experimentation Plane, which offers common workflows to experimenters and a publicly accessible Tenant Portal which is hosted by the SLICES-RI Central node at Sorbonne University, ensuring access to the federated library of externally accessible 6G components and frameworks even after the project ends.

Role of eBOS in SUNRISE-6G:

eBOS is playing a crucial role in managing and ensuring the success of a project with the following leading responsibilities:

Quality Assurance (QA):

eBOS is taking the lead in ensuring that the project outcomes meet high-quality standards. This involves implementing processes and methodologies to monitor and improve the quality of deliverables.

Risk Management:

eBOS is leading the effort to identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with the project. This is crucial for minimizing potential issues that could impact the project’s success.

Data Management:

eBOS is in charge of managing project data. This includes the monitoring of organizing, storing, and securing project-related information ensuring it is easily accessible and meets data EU standards.

Dissemination, Communication (D&C) Management:

eBOS is leading the D&C activities in the project, including the Hackathon activities, ensuring the impact creation and the dissemination of the project’s results to several stakeholder and end-user groups.

eBOS has also a leading technical role in the project. Based on that, eBOS is leading the development of the detailed low-level design of the SUNRISE-6G Portal and the Lifecycle Management experimentation services, as well as their constituent components. Additionally, eBOS will upgrade and offer their State-of-the-Art 5G/6G Testbed for the SUNRISE-6G project whilst implementing the proposed modification/configurations to further enhance it and expand it to a federated version of 6G testbeds.

SUNRISE-6G project has received funding from the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) under the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 101139257. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU). Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.