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eBOS Participates in 6G-PATH, a New 6G SNS Phase 2 EU Funded Project to Advance 6G Research in Europe

eBOS is proud to announce their participation in a new Phase 2 6G SNS JU (Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking) project co-funded by the EC, titled 6G-PATH (6G Pilots and Trials Through Europe), set to research, design and develop innovative solutions for 6G architectures and technologies in Europe.

The project, which has kick started on the 1st of January 2024, aims to foster the further development and integration of new and improved tools and products from EU companies with 5G/6G, while also measuring relevant KPIs and KVIs. To achieve this, some testbeds will be part of the project consortium, which will be used by corresponding use cases spread across four key verticals: Health, Education, Smart Cities and Farming.

6G-PATH is one of the 27 new research, innovation and trials projects funded by the EC under the 2nd phase of the 6G SNS JU programme. In particular, 6G-PATH will build an extensive B5G/6G infrastructure where a set of core architectures and domain specific capabilities will be brought together and made available for integration of applications and Use Cases of relevance within the four addressed verticals, to conduct large-scale pilots and trials.

The results of these pilots and trials will be collected and analysed in detail, to generate appropriate lessons and requirements for future 6G communications, as well as to identify, characterise and refine leading-edge business models towards the commercialisations and exploitation of 6G use cases and technologies. All funded 6G SNS JU projects represent a significant step towards advancing smart networks and services, offering breakthrough innovations, experimental platforms and large-scale trials, driving world-class research and shaping the world’s digital connected future.

Role of eBOS in the Project: 

eBOS is the project Communication Manager (CM) and will lead the dissemination, commercialisation and standardisation Work Package as well as the dissemination and communication of project tasks and activities. eBOS will also leverage its wide experience in the market, to contribute to the project’s exploitation and sustainability plans and widely disseminate the project’s results to key associations and technology clusters through its membership (e.g., 6G-IA, SNS JU, AIOTI, BDVA/DAIRO, NGI, NESSI, NetWorld Europe). Moreover, eBOS will lead the Quality Assurance and Risk Management activities in the project, ensuring high-quality project deliverables and outputs. Finally, eBOS is one of the technology providers in 6G-PATH and will provide the technical expertise in the project by leading the development of both the experimentation dashboard of 6G-PATH and the northbound APIs for automating the northbound communication and interfacing between the internal/external applications and the experimentation platform.

6G-PATH project has received funding from the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) under the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 101139172.