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eBOS participates in an exhibition organised by the European Defence Agency, showcasing dual-use technologies!

On February 27, 2024, Dr. Marios Sophocleous, R&D/R&I Senior Project Manager/Head of Hardware and Mr. Stavros Chrysanthou, Electronics Engineer, represented eBOS at the third CF SEDSS Joint Working Group 1, organised by the European Defence Agency, on “Energy Efficiency and Buildings Performance” (WG-1) and Transversal Working Group (TWG) Thematic Workshop titled “Technological Developments and Behavioural Adaptation Driving Energy Efficiency”, held in Larnaca, Cyprus.

CF SEDSS, the Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector, a European Commission initiative managed by the European Defence Agency, assists EU Ministries of Defence in transitioning to green, resilient, and efficient energy models. As the largest European defence energy community, it fosters knowledge sharing and collaborative research. The workshop hosted by the Cypriot Ministry of Defence (CY MoD) and the Security and Defence Academy of the Republic of Cyprus explored the impact of intelligent technologies on military installations, discussed innovative approaches for defence infrastructure, examined EU energy strategies, and explored funding opportunities. 

The event also featured a Small-Scale Energy Technology Exhibition organised by CARIE and the Cyprus Defence Industry Cluster, showcasing cutting-edge dual-use technologies for the defence sector from 5 different Cypriot SMEs, namely eBOS Technologies, Multimarine Services Ltd, Cellock Ltd, CyRIC | Cyprus Research & Innovation Center Ltd, CARDET and SignalGeneriX Ltd. The integration of practical demonstrations with strategic discussions provided insights into current advancements and future possibilities in defence energy efficiency.

eBOS Technologies showcased the technologies developed in 3 on-going, EU-Funded projects under Horizon Europe (EO4EU & CiROCCO) and EDIDP (HERMES). Within CiROCCO, eBOS Technologies has developed a low-cost, stand-alone environmental monitoring system dedicated to deserts and sand storms. The system is modular allowing the exchange of more than 10 sensors to be connected for the monitoring of specific areas such as border control, and critical area and infrastructure protection. It is capable of communicating with more than 3 different communication technologies and capable of allowing firmware modifications over the air. It could be used as a communication gateway when certain communication channels are destroyed during wars or as In-situ Military Surveillance tool across Rugged Terrain areas. Within EO4EU, eBOS Technologies developed a web-portal with a live 2D map for visualising Earth Observation data. The web-portal is being used as the visualisation tool of multiple layers of parameters, humidity, sunlight, temperature etc where on top, AI-produced data for the probabilities of future events are also displayed. The portal can be used as an operational dashboard from military headquarters to visualise the information coming from the actual battle. HERMES, coordinated by eBOS Technologies, is a military-grade enterprise system with diverse software components deployed across an organisation’s security domains. It facilitates the collection, organisation, and dissemination of cybersecurity information, including for Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs). HERMES addresses challenges related to information quality and timeliness. It assists cybersecurity experts in managing knowledge for cyber information superiority and feeds data to enhance the interoperability and autonomy of cybersecurity applications.