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eBOS participates in the PLANET virtual meeting dedicated to the EU-Global Transport & Logistics Networks and Innovation Management

On the 17th of June, 2021 eBOS Technologies R&D Senior Project Manager Philippos Philippou, attended the virtual PLANET event dedicated to EU-Global Transport & Logistics Networks [EGTN], the cloud-based Open EGTN Infrastructure and Innovation Management of the project. The event was organised online and hosted by Mr. Gerasimos Kouloumbis representing Inlecom Group as the Project Coordinator. A total of 55 participants took part in engaging presentations and discussions on the status of the developments and overall progress in Work Package 1, dedicated to EU-Global T&L Networks [EGTN], and Work Package 2 dedicated to the Cloud-based Open EGTN Infrastructure.

A session was also dedicated to the Innovation Management process.  Activities related to the simulation capability for the assessment of the expected impact of emerging trade routes, national strategies and technological concepts on the TEN-T corridors as well as to the definition of the Reference Specifications of Integrated Green EU-Global networks [EGTN] were presented. Moreover, participants discussed the definition of the architecture and the prototype of the components of an open ICT infrastructure compliant with the requirements specifications to support the development of EGTN solutions in the Living Labs of the project.

Finally, the Innovation Management Process was reviewed with insights shared regarding the adopted methodology and patent filing procedures. PLANET aims at advancing EU’s leadership in global logistics flows, by efficiently interconnecting infrastructure (TEN-T, Rail-Freight Corridors) with constant consideration to geopolitical developments, current and emerging transport modes, and technological solutions.  PLANET is an EU-funded project under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. More information can be accessed from the PLANET project website: