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eBOS Ranks as the Top Recipient of EU Horizon Europe Programme Amongst All Enterprises in Cyprus!

Based on the latest data published in January 2023 by the European Commission, eBOS Technologies ranks as the top recipient amongst all enterprises in Cyprus with 23 participations in the most competitive Horizon Europe Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) framework programme with an aggregated funding from the EU of > €9.5 million.

Horizon Europe launched in February 2021 with a budget of around €95 billion for the funding of R&D&I projects all over Europe for the period 2021-2027. Horizon Europe is the 9th European framework programme for R&D&I, following on from the “Horizon 2020” programme (2014-2020). It is the biggest programme ever undertaken in Europe. The aim is for the European Union to lead the way in tackling climate change and achieve the UN’s Sustainable Goals, whilst supporting the Green Deal implementation and the transition to the digital economy. The programme fosters the collaboration and strengthens the impact of R&D&I in developing, supporting and implementing EU policies.

eBOS is consistently recognized as a leading R&D&I institution committed to innovation by nature and heavily investing in beyond the state-of-the-art technologies, thereby accelerating future digital innovation. eBOS passion for research is what makes them uniquely able to deliver best-of-breed innovation that delivers real business value in the most challenging corporate environments.

‘We are delighted with our success in the Horizon Europe programme, where we maintain our passion for excellence and innovation by improving our performance and technological knowhow; this is pivotal for applying the latest best of breed technologies to our commercial products and services we offer to our customers’, said Dr. Loizos Christofi, R&D Director of the company.

Our collaborative approach for Horizon Europe includes engaging partners, building the optimal consortium, developing new project ideas and innovative proposals together with our reputable and extensive network of partners. 

Consult our core areas of expertise and get in touch today with eBOS R&D Department for exploring new collaborations.