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eBOS Secures Funding for Two European Defence Fund Projects

eBOS is thrilled to announce its continued success in EU-funded projects. The European Defence Fund (EDF) recently selected two proposals under the EDF-2023-LS-RA-SMERO call. Despite stiff competition, eBOS came out ahead with two proposals that led their elaboration.

Building on past achievements, such as the HERMES project (funded under the European Defence Industrial Development Programme), eBOS is solidifying its position as a player in the defence industry’s R&D. This ongoing success reaffirms eBOS commitment to innovation and excellence, and the expertise of the teams involved.

The two funded research projects, namely RAPTOR and 5G-MILNET, have been recognised for their innovative concepts and potential to revolutionise the defence industry. The funding secured through the EDF Programme is a testament to the commitment and expertise of the teams involved. These projects have the potential to significantly enhance the efficiency, safety, and effectiveness of the European defence systems, inspiring a new era of innovation in the industry.

RAPTOR (Remote weAPon condition-based moniTORing System) is a 36-month project that aims to achieve predictive maintenance of firearms involving end-users, tools, applications, and technologies, constituting the low-cost remote weapon condition-based monitoring system. This will facilitate the follow-up of operators engaged in critical missions and reduce the probabilities of weapons’ failure through predictive maintenance, thereby increasing their reliability and safety. The aim is to create a fully interoperable RAPTOR system with European Soldier Systems with embedded security by design.

5G-MILNET (A portable, private, high-performance, secure, robust, resilient and rapidly deployed ad-hoc tactical 5G and beyond communications system for military operations) is a 36-month project that proposes the development of a portable 5G-based tactical communications bubble, that is able to be rapidly and dynamically deployed in the battlefield for seamless, secure, high-speed data flow. Designed as a cost-effective solution, it offers portability, privacy, security, resiliency, and robustness. This portable system will enable seamless connectivity and real-time data flow for military operations and local backend control, benefiting Europe and its citizens by enhancing the security and efficiency of military actions.

The consortium partners for the RAPTOR proposal include ITTI, EXUS, AIMPLUS, and UPV. Likewise, the 5G-MILNET proposal has seen collaboration with ADAMANT, PLEIONE, ECLIPTIC, IQUADRAT, ATHINA, and EURECOM.

“Looking forward to kick-starting these projects in January 2025 and turning their unique and disruptive concepts into successful endeavours, helping to boost cross-border Defence R&D cooperation and strengthen the Defence Industry capabilities of Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Spain, France and Poland.”
Dr. Loizos Christofi, R&D Director at eBOS.