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eBOS shares results of the ICONET Living Labs at major Physical Internet Conference

On the 16th of June, 2021 eBOS R&D Senior Project Manager Philippos Philippou shared the results of the ICONET Living Labs at the 8th International Physical Internet (PI) Conference.

The annual two-day event, this year co-organized by iSense Group and the ALICE European Technology platform, aims at transforming the way physical objects are moved, stored, realized, supplied and used, pursuing global logistics efficiency and sustainability. This year’s focus was on the latest technological developments that bring a smart hyperconnected era of efficient and sustainable logistics, supply chains and transportation closer to reality. More than 35 focused sessions were featured in the programme with 150 speakers invited.

Among them, Philippos Philippou participated in a virtual session on Digital Technologies alongside distinguished speakers from worldwide initiatives in Logistics Innovations. He presented the results of the Living Labs that eBOS successfully managed and monitored during the 30-month EU-funded Horizon 2020 ICONET project, which has been completed in February 2021. Philippos shared with the wide audience the findings of the operation of the following Living Labs:

  • Port of Antwerp – PI Hub centric network
  • Procter & Gamble- Corridor centric PI Network
  • SONAE eCommerce centric PI network 
  • StockBooking- Warehouse as a Service

Philippos highlighted the Living Labs business needs, objectives and the innovative offering of the Physical Internet, solving identified problems and showcasing the added-value and final results in the form of improved pre-defined business metrics. He also presented the valuable lessons learned and recommendations for adoption by the industry, which can accelerate the Physical Internet realization. 

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