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eBOS Showcases Cutting-Edge Innovations at EuCNC & 6G Summit 2024

eBOS is excited to announce that 17 of its cutting-edge European-funded R&D projects were showcased at the 2024 EuCNC (European Conference on Networks and Communications) & 6G Summit, held from June 3 to 6 in Antwerp, Belgium.

The EuCNC & 6G Summit is a globally recognised prestigious telecommunication event that combines cutting-edge research and renowned industries. It has attracted more than 900 delegates from over 40 countries worldwide, providing a unique opportunity for the participants to stay updated with the latest trends and updates in the telecommunication industry.

By featuring standard oral and poster presentations alongside special sessions, panels, tutorials, workshops, and keynote speeches, EuCNC & 6G Summit provided an excellent opportunity for eBOS to demonstrate its leadership and commitment to innovation by showcasing seventeen innovative R&D projects.

During the conference, eBOS was physically represented by a team of six colleagues, including our R&D Director, Dr Loizos Christofi, the Head of R&D projects, Philippos Philippou, the R&D Program Manager, Dr Elisavet Grigoriou, and the R&D Managers, Gianna Avgousti, Dr Ioanna Ioannou, and Vasileios Poulikakos.

Featured Projects:

Project 6G-PATH aims to foster the further development and integration of new and improved tools and products from EU companies within the B5G/6G framework while measuring relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) and key value items (KVIs). The scope and verticals of 6G-PATH were presented through various posters and marketing materials at a dedicated booth (BOOTH#63), where interested individuals could learn more about the breakthroughs 6G-PATH offers.

Among the showcased projects was 6G-MUSICAL, a ground-breaking initiative combining radio sensing and communication technologies. This innovative project is paving the way for new paradigms in Radio Frequency communication, demonstrating eBOS’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology. 6G-MUSICAL co-organised with the iSEE-6G project a two-hour special session (No.7) on Beyond Joint Communication and Sensing: The Road Towards Joint Communication, Computation, Sensing, and Power Transfer for 6 G, further showcasing eBOS’s leadership in the field. Additionally, marketing material and a demo of Openwifi, a software-defined radio platform for Wi-Fi 6 multi-user OFDMA scheduling and Joint Communication and Sensing, were presented at BOOTH#11.

Another notable project, SUNRISE-6G, is set to revolutionise the industry by building a robust trial infrastructure across Europe, a significant step towards the realisation of 6G technology. This project will introduce a truly scalable and 3GPP-compliant federated solution with new 6G enablers, federated AIaaS and MLOPS AI layer, and 14 testbeds in 8 EU member states federated under a common experimentation layer. The SUNRISE-6G project was presented at the stand of the 6G-BRICKS project through marketing materials and posters.

Project 6G-INTENSE aims to position 6G as a Smart Service Execution platform, promoting sustainable infrastructure sharing and collaboration. Through DIMO, an innovative automation architecture powered by Native AI, the project facilitates intent declaration and decision automation across autonomous domains, while advanced sensing enhances reliability in the Deep Edge. At BOOTH#43, co-hosted by the ADROIT6G project, 6G-INTENSE showcased proof of concepts, emphasising network infrastructure advancements and highlighting its potential to revolutionise connectivity and drive industry transformation.

Project ENVELOPE aims to expand the set of 5G and 6G supported verticals to 5G Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) vertical services by advancing and opening up the reference 5G adv. architecture and transforming it into a vertical-oriented tailored to the CAM use cases (UCs). Towards this purpose, ENVELOPE aims to deliver three large-scale B5G trial sites in Italy, the Netherlands and Greece for CAM services and beyond, implementing functionalities tailored to the CAM services and advanced exposure capabilities. ENVELOPE was represented in EuCNC2024 through a joined paper of the National Centre of Scientific Research, “Demokritos” (NCSRD) and INFOLYSIS (INF), and a dedicated session presentation by the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS).

Project 6G4Society aims to engage key stakeholders within the Smart Networks and Services (SNS) ecosystem and civil society players, regulators, policymakers, media, and the public to ensure correct and precise information about the expected impacts of 6G technology. At the EuCNC & 6G SUMMIT, the 6G4Society project hosted a panel on developing a sustainable and socially accepted 6G for society, co-organised with the FIDAL project and

The SAFE-6G project proposes a holistic research approach to designing, developing, and validating a 6G framework on top of an open and distributed 6G core over the edge-cloud continuum by enabling user-centric safety, security, privacy, resilience, and reliability functions. The project aspires to utilise (X)AI/ML techniques to cognitively coordinate and balance these functions to optimise the trust requirements and data governance policy that each user/tenant/human role specifies, a feature considered essential for a user-centric 6G. SAFE-6G was represented by a joint paper of the National Centre of Scientific Research, “Demokritos” (NCSRD) and INFOLYSIS (INF), and through the 6G-IA/SNS and SME Working Group booths.

Project ADROIT6G advances disruptive innovations in the architecture of emerging 6G mobile networks, fundamentally changing how networks are designed, implemented, operated, and maintained. The ADROIT6G project was exhibited at a designated booth, providing visitors with in-depth insights into its revolutionary developments and uses. A demo titled Federate Zero Touch 6G Vision, a second one on the AI/ML framework, and a “WG-Software Networks” workshop were also presented.

Project 6G-BRICKS explores novel unified control paradigms based on explainable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Reasoning to create a new 6G facility built on mature ICT-52 platforms. The 6G-BRICKS project was showcased at a dedicated booth, where visitors could learn more about its innovative features. Additionally, five demos were presented: 1. Real-time Metaverse at the 6G-BRICKS virtualised infrastructure, 2. O-RAN empowered RIS control using OpenAir Interface, 3. Intent-driven deployment and live migration using LLM, 4. Trustworthy 6G zero-touch Network and Service Management with XAI and LLMs, 5. Resource Optimization in Cell-Free Networks.

Project FIDAL focuses on a mature framework for testing 5G evolution, including AIaaS, Zero Touch Management, and TaaS. It includes a repository of over ten network applications and a holistic security framework adapted to 5G evolution and 6G networks and services. The FIDAL project was presented at a special booth, inviting visitors to discover its unique innovations and prospects. Additionally, a demo was given on the FIDAL experimentation framework and its orchestration components Maestro and Open Slice and the project 6 Use Cases and a panel discussion on how to develop a sustainable and socially accepted 6G for society, co-organised with the 6G4Society project and

The RIGOUROUS project aspires to identify and address the significant cybersecurity, trust, and privacy risks threatening the network, devices, computing infrastructure, and the next generation of services. Two use case demos were presented through relevant videos and flyers at BOOTH#44, namely “Private and Secure onboarding for Public Protection and Disaster Relief” and “6G Multi-Domain Orchestration of DDoS attacks mitigation”, showcasing the main concepts and project objectives to all interested parties.

The SLICES-RI project aims to build a large and extensive infrastructure for experimental research on various aspects of distributed computing and networking technologies, including optical communications, IoT, and 5/6G. This infrastructure will bring together all resources (compute, storage, network) to continuously design, operate, and automate the full life cycle management of digital infrastructures, data, applications, and services. SLICES-RI results were showcased at BOOTH#61.

Project FOR-FREIGHT aims to maximise the utilisation of multimodal freight transport capacity, achieve competitive sustainability with higher levels of efficiency, and reduce the average cost of freight transport. The FOR-FREIGHT project was featured at a dedicated booth where visitors could learn about its cutting-edge technology and practical processes. Additionally, the project presented a paper titled Designing a Dynamic Platform for the Next Generation of Multi-Modal Logistics as part of the session AIU2: Communication Technologies for Networked Applications.

5G Epicentre R&D Project Logo

5G-EPICENTRE aims to deliver an open end-to-end 5G platform for PPDR, enabling SMEs and developers to experiment with and enhance their solutions. The project showcased 5G’s potential through first-party and third-party experiments, measuring KPIs to demonstrate its efficiency for PPDR operations. At BOOTH#54, the 5G-EPICENTRE team presented a live demo and a testbed federation with Karmada, along with posters and relevant videos dedicated to the demos.

5G MediaHUB R&D Project Logo

Project 5GMEDIAHUB is developing a test infrastructure compatible with industry-standard DevOps processes. This infrastructure will streamline and simplify testing and KPI verification with “Platform as a Service” capabilities.

Marsal R&D Project Logo

Project MARSAL breaks the boundaries of the traditional cellular networking paradigm by proposing ground-breaking distributed, cell-free Massive MIMO architectures that integrate with existing vRAN elements while being consistent with the O-RAN concept. The MARSAL project and its results were highlighted at a dedicated booth, allowing visitors to explore its ground-breaking advancements and benefits. Two demos were presented on Virtual Elastic Infrastructures and cell-free-based solutions.

5G ROUTES R&D Project Logo

5G-ROUTES addresses challenges related to connected and automated driving and infotainment across borders (Terrestrial Ecosystem), seamless 5G network coverage, and continuity of service of vessels moving at maritime cross-border corridors (Maritime Ecosystem). The 5G-ROUTES project and its results were highlighted at BOOTH#49, where visitors could learn more about the CAM Services Platform developed in 5G-ROUTES, which hosts virtualised CAM service backends used for the interaction of vehicles and end-user devices for improved capabilities across borders.

Visitors to the conference were invited to explore the project’s exhibition spaces, attend panel discussions, engage with the project’s team of experts, and gain deeper insights into their ground-breaking work. These projects offered a glimpse into their transformative potential for various industries and their impact on our daily lives.

eBOS, as a leading innovator, is committed to developing advanced technologies that drive the future of connectivity. With a strong focus on research and development, the company collaborates with global partners to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the digital world.

Visit the websites of the 17 EU-funded projects to learn more about their participation in the EuCNC & 6G Summit 2024 and their progress and results.