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eBOS Technologies is committed to continuously offer innovative software solutions, to financial institutions enabling them to prevent and combat fraud

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, cybersecurity and financial crime have been at the top of the agenda of almost every organisation.

The use of technology in fighting cybercrime & fraudduring these unprecedented times we are all living in, was the main topic of discussion for the 4th Cyprus Anti-Fraud Conference that took place on the 23rd of June 2021 in Hilton Nicosia.

eBOS Technologies was a proud sponsor of this year’s 4th Cyprus Anti-Fraud Conference and further participated in the event with a presentation on the use of Regulatory Technology in combating fraud, given by its Commercial Manager, Mr. Panos Kyriakides. During his presentation, Mr. Kyriakides talked about the ways in which RegTech, enhanced with AI / ML, empowers organisations in becoming more resilient and secure against cybercrime and enables compliance officers to accurately detect and deter fraud!

RegTech solutions improve the ability, speed, and efficiency of FIs & Banks to analyse and share data for the purpose of detecting and reporting financial crimes, whilst complying with corresponding rules & regulations, he underlined. Moreover, Mr Kyriakides quoted that new technologies and advanced software solutions offer more effective detection of suspicious transactions and activities and reduce human error due to automation of procedures.

He concluded by stating that RegTech companies, just like eBOS, will continue to evolve and offer innovative solutions, to financial institutions enabling them to reduce costs, operate in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements and combat fraud.

Solutions already offered by eBOS Technologies, such as WiseBOS Screening, WiseBOS RiSC – Risk Intelligence, Scoring and Compliance, WiseBOS electronic Customer Verification and WiseBOS Transaction Monitoring.