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eBOS sponsored the 8th Banking Forum & Fintech Expo

eBOS sponsored the 8th Banking Forum & Fintech Expo, that took place digitally on Friday 15th of January, organised by IMH. Established professionals from around the world were welcomed to the event and each addressed the latest developments in the wider financial services sector and provided a commentary on today’s banking ecosystem.

eBOS  participation in the event was not limited to only being a sponsor and an exhibitor. Mr. Panos Kyriakides, Commercial Manager of eBOS, provided an insight to the importance of digital transformation and the use of Regulatory Technology in the Banking and Financial Services Industry, through his online presentation. It was pointed out by Mr. Kyriakides, that the usage and adoption of Regulatory Technology (RegTech) by financial institutions, especially nowadays and while moving into this new decade, it is even more essential and critical for an organisation, to efficiently and effectively address the demanding regulatory requirements and government legislation, that continuously increase both in volume and complexity. Enabling thus, the organisations’ digital transformation, quickly, easily and securely, by automating the compliance processes in its entirety.WiseBOS GRC, a powerful and comprehensive software solution offered by eBOS is an essential tool for the successful optimization of digital transformation through Regulatory Technology. It is an intuitive and modular solution for effective and efficient Governance, Risk and Compliance Management. WiseBOS GRC enables modern enterprises, especially in the Banking and Financial sector, to build a solid and robust framework to achieve their corporate targets by providing a cost-effective and an avant-garde solution to their ever-changing business needs.   A few things about eBOS 

eBOS  is an innovative and client-focused Information Technology company providing technologically-advanced e-business software solutions to enterprise customers on a worldwide basis. Its product portfolio includes a wide range of Windows® and web-based customizable business solutions targeted for the enterprise market. The core offering, WiseBOS Suite, is a state-of-the-art comprehensive software suite specifically designed to effectively adapt to the ever-changing business needs of companies, unleashing the real potential of fully integrated and business-aligned solutions. The respected clientele of eBOS Technologies includes forward-thinking enterprises in a wide range of industries where comprehensive, cost-effective and avant-garde solutions are key to continued success in the new digital era.