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eBOS Featured in “Digital Cyprus 2023” a Special Edition by In Business News

We are proud to be featured in the Special Edition of the In Business News Magazine: “Digital Cyprus 2023”, with our article “eBOS Technologies Ltd: 20 Years of Breakthroughs in Innovation”.

This Special Edition of the In Business News, features the “leading players” in the industries of technology and software solutions on the island, and highlights the services and solutions provided by them. It is without a doubt that eBOS deserves a place in this elite specialised category, since for the last 20 years, we have been developing our Multi-Modular Suite of Business Solutions, namely the “WiseBOS Suite” providing business solutions to a wide gamut of industries both locally and internationally.

As we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary since the incorporation of eBOS in 2003, our inclusion in this Special Edition, was an excellent opportunity for us to reflect on the journey that our company has lived through in the course of the last 20 years, on the accomplishments, the awards received and on the plethora of innovations we have introduced in the industry of Business Solutions.

“The first 20 years are just the tip of the iceberg” said Dr. Stelios Christofi, Managing Director & Founder, “…and we are more excited for the next 20 years ahead of us” he concluded. Co-Founder and Managing Director of eBOS Fanos Christofi added that “staying ahead of technology is part of eBOS’s DNA, and it’s our motivation and passion to be in the forefront of the developments in the world of software development and applying cutting-edge and innovative techniques in the business solutions that we offer to our clients”.

eBOS with the motto “Our Clients are our Partners” remains devoted in continuing to be in the forefront of technological innovations and offering the best-in-breed business solutions to its clients. Thanking everyone for 20 Years of continuous trust and support.