Verifies That People Are Who They Say They Are

eCV electronic Customer Verification

A Fundamental Tool, Ensuring Quick and Efficient Customer Verification

WiseBOS eCV offers a quick and secure gateway to digital transformation through electronic identification and eKYC. WiseBOS eCV offers a holistic onboarding process of your customers with real time ID verification, making eCV a key component of Electronic Determination of KYC and AML compliance.

WiseBOS eCV safeguards your business by verifying the identity of your clients via numerous data sources and by confirming that the person holding the ID is one in the same. With standardized measures to follow and outsourced electronic assistance, client onboarding will inevitably become faster, more organized and efficient.

WiseBOS eCV assists in creating a seamless customer experience by easily integrating identity verification documents into your customer onboarding process. WiseBOS eCV reduces exposure to fraud and has the ability to enhance the authenticity, security, confidentiality and efficiency of identifying customers, this not only benefits individuals, financial and professional services firms, but also strengthens the overall integrity of the financial services sector.

The functionalities offered by WiseBOS eCV are comprehensive, reliable, and accurate.

WiseBOS eCV - eIDv, eFACEv & eDOCv

electronic Identity Verification (eIDv)

With the use of advanced technology, eIDv allows businesses to automatically establish the authenticity of their customers’ identities by verifying government issued IDs’ in real time.

electronic Face Verification (eFACEv)

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, eFACEv automates online identity verification with the use of biometrics. eFACEv can certify that the person pictured in ID and the person in possession of that ID, are one and the same.

electronic Document Verification (eDOCv)

WiseBOS eDOCv establishes a customer’s proof of address by the capture of supporting documents (utility bills, bank statements) and with a 100% accuracy, eDOCv can extract an electronic determination of proof of address.


Verify Authenticity of Government-Issued ID Documents in Real-Time
Simple & Automated Online Identity Verification Process
Electronic Determination of Proof of Address
World’s Largest ID Templates Database, with 13.000+ Document Templates
Offers Coverage Across 240+ Countries & Territories
Supports More than 135 Languages
Get Results Quickly, Easily & Efficiently
Deter & Detect Fraudulent Activity Effectively
Speed Up Customer On-Boarding & Provide an Easy & Secure Experience
100% Data Extraction Accuracy
Quick & Accurate Age Verification to Help you Comply with Legal Age Limits

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