Evaluation and Validation of Connected Mobility in Real Open Systems Beyond 5GS

Duration: 01/01/2024 – 31/12/2026   |   Total Funding: € 4,325,270


5G Connected Automated Mobility vertical services are a broad range of digital services supported by 5G networks. However certain verticals have specific requirements not yet addressed. Although significant progress has been made towards this direction, the necessary configurations of the network and the end-devices to support a vertical are time-consuming manual processes that require tight coordination on a technical and business level.

ENVELOPE is an EU-funded Innovation Action project aiming to advance the 5G-Advanced architecture, and transform it into a vertical-oriented one with the necessary interfaces tailored to the Connected Automated Mobility vertical use cases that i) expose network capabilities to verticals, ii) provide vertical-information to the network; and iii) enable verticals to dynamically request and modify certain network aspects, in an open, transparent and easy to use, semi-automated way.

Project Objectives


Development of an open and dynamically reconfigurable beyond 5G system supporting advanced Network Exposure Function and Policy Control Function services.


Develop novel services and specify the necessary open and easy-to-use interfacing of the network side and the service side of the ENVELOPE architecture.


Advance key innovations to enable the ENVELOPE architecture to meet the beyond 5GS requirements of automation and improved user experience.


Integrate Multi-access Edge Computing and enablers of cross-domain coordination to support operation across large geographical areas served by different stakeholders.


Create new business models and market services for the use of cross-sector data, and validate the feasibility/viability of novel services


Maximise the impact created by the project through wide means of dissemination, communication, standardisation and exploitation activities.

eBOS Role in the Project

eBOS is the Open Call manager of the project, responsible for preparing and disseminating the two open calls organised by the project. eBOS will lead the selection process and the SubGrant Agreement signature process for over 9 sub-projects between the two rounds of calls.

Additionally, eBOS will lead the task of assessing the potential public acceptance of the ENVELOPE platform, the Use Cases and Open Call projects. Furthermore, eBOS will leverage its wide experience in the market contributing to the elaboration of ENVELOPE dissemination and communication plans presenting EVNVELOPE’s results to key associations, and ensuring the impact maximisation and outreach of the results. Finally, EBOS will lead the efforts on the development of a methodology, metrics, and templates to create uniform and effective exploitation plans for ENVELOPE, including defining business metrics, legal rights and obligations, Intellectual property rights procedures, and individual exploitation plans.

Co-Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or SNS-JU. Neither the European Union nor SNS-JU can be held responsible for them. The project has received funding from Horizon Europe under grant agreement No. 101139048.