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FeDerated nEtwork of pLatforms for Passenger and freigHt Intermodality: Another Horizon Europe Project Starts!

The project’s Kick-Off Meeting took place physically on the 4th of July 2023 in Athens, Greece. This 36-month Innovation Action project, which officially started on the 1st of July 2023, is funded under Horizon Europe programme.

Mr. Philippos Philippou (R&D Senior Project Manager) participated in the kick-off meeting representing eBOS, chaired by Mrs Margarita Kostovasili, Project Manager on behalf of the Project Coordinator Institute of Communication & Computer Systems (ICCS).

DELPHI aims to strategically integrate passenger and freight transport in a single system, thus overcoming the tactical/operational dimension, often used in emergency situations but not part of long-term visions about the future of mobility. It will deliver the enablers -both on technical and governance/regulatory level, towards a federated network of platforms for green, multimodal passenger and freight transport, capable of sharing in a seamless and secure manner, cross-sectoral, multi-modal passenger and freight transport data, as well as traffic management systems information, as if those were part of a single system.

Within the scope of the project, DELPHI will deliver architectural enablers towards secure data federation (interfaces, security mechanisms, etc.) in a Data Spaces-driven approach, novel governance and regulatory schemes (stakeholder and ecosystem specifications, information flows, data sovereignty principles, regulatory artefacts), novel and ultra-efficient methodologies for traffic monitoring, such as Unmanned Aerial System-powered monitoring. Furthermore, it will provide multi-/inter-modal optimisation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) /Machine Learning (ML)-powered optimisations and frameworks, and will exploit diverse modes for hybrid passenger and freight transport (e-bike-powered crowd-shipping, subway, shuttle and taxi service) in different ecosystem types (urban, sub-urban, rural/island. To maximise the project’s potential, utmost interoperability and best optimisation results, DELPHI’s digital framework and transversal tools will be validated in the context of 4 pilots with complementary requirements and features.

eBOS role will be to lead the work towards a federated ecosystem, interoperability and integration with the objective to:

  • Design a central, cloud-based platform-of-platforms offering diverse optimisation (e.g., AI/ML-driven), decision making, as well as visualization tools.
  • Design a reference architecture for multi-modal passenger and freight transport platforms’ federation, including information exchange data models and interfaces, security and trust requirements and components.
  • Deliver a flexible service through modular software and hardware components and seamless integration for legacy/3rd party platforms and/or data sources.
  • Deliver an integrated end-to-end, big data ingestion and processing system, capable of receiving, storing, as well processing in real-time large amounts of data from heterogeneous sources and systems across the network.
  • Design a technology independent set of services for exchanging, storing, monitoring, and processing freight/transport information including visualization (e.g., dashboard), as well as user-friendly network and traffic management tools with explainable AI-driven decision-making tools and interfaces.

Moreover, eBOS will be responsible for the data management and open science efforts as well as manage the methodology framework for secure, safe, and efficient data sharing/storage/usage, along the supply chain and technology-agnostic multi-modal transport service specifications.

The DELPHI project has received funding from Horizon Europe, under Grant Agreement No. 101104263.