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Flexible, multi-mOdal and Robust FREIGHt Transport: Another Horizon Europe Project Kicks Off!

The FOR-FREIGHT project consortium successfully completed their first and second Project Management Board Meetings that took place virtually on the 24th of August 2022, and physically on the 14th of September 2022. The project partners met to discuss their roles and responsibilities and to agree on a common ground for the kick-off meeting requirements.

The project’s Kick-Off Meeting took place physically on the 15th of September 2022 in Thessaloniki, Greece, at The Centre for Research & Technology, Hellas (CERTH). This 40-month Innovation Action project is funded under Horizon Europe and officially started on the 1st of September 2022.

Ms. Giota Lilli (R&D Project Manager) and Mr. Philippos Philippou (R&D Senior Project Manager) participated in the Project Management Board Meetings and kick-off meeting representing eBOS, chaired by the Project Coordinator Dr. Georgia Ayfantopoulou and the project’s Technical Manager Mr. Sofoklis Dais, representing CERTH.

FOR-FREIGHT aims to maximise the utilisation of multimodal freight transport capacity, achieve competitive sustainability with higher levels of efficiency, and reduce the average cost of freight transport through the development of novel solutions and their integration with legacy logistics systems. This will enable more effective and sustainable management of goods and freight flows in airports, ports, inland terminals and various logistics nodes, taking into account the requirements of all involved stakeholders, and accounting for economic, environmental and social aspects. The FOR-FREIGHT solutions will target the end-to-end optimization of multimodal/multi-stakeholder logistics processes and improved access to transhipment services.

Within the scope of the project, the FOR-FREIGHT platform will be designed and implemented, which will support advanced, targeted functionalities that will be enabled through the combination of existing and newly developed hardware and software components in order to serve the demanding requirements of the three Use Cases (UCs) that will be demonstrated in each trial site facility, namely:

  1. UC1 (Spain) – Blockchain & Digital Twins to support Decision Making Process in multimodal transport combined with a Subway-Based Network for sustainable last mile distribution.
  2. UC2 (Greece) – Port-to-Airport multimodal freight transport: End-to-end optimization with Decision Support Systems and real-time monitoring & control capabilities.
  3. UC3 (Romania) – Riverport to warehouse hub via railway network – Galati Port.

eBOS’ main technical role in the project is to design, develop and integrate the User Interface to enable the interaction of the users with the FOR-FREIGHT platform, provide insightful dashboards for the monitoring and control of the logistics process, as well as to support all use case stakeholders during the field trials. eBOS will also lead the Quality Assurance and Risk Management, as well as the dissemination and communication activities tasks. Apart from designing and maintaining the project’s website, eBOS will contribute to the elaboration of the FOR-FREIGHT business models and sustainability plans. From the exploitation side, eBOS expects to advance their knowledge and reinforce further their understanding of providing safer and more resilient transport and smart mobility services enabled by 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IoT technologies, thus extending the company’s research and development activities.

The FOR-FREIGHT project has received funding from Horizon Europe, under Grant Agreement No. 101069731.

More information about the project can be obtained from the project website, available soon.