Get FREE Installation and FREE Customer Screenings​

a Total Value of €800

With Every New Installation of the WiseBOS RiSC Solution

We are Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

with a Special Offer for New Subscribers

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Terms and Conditions
  1. New customers to the WiseBOS RiSC Solution are entitled to benefit from the “Get FREE Installation and FREE Customer Screenings” special offer 
  2. The value of the offer of €800 consists of: €500 for the Setup & Installation of the WiseBOS Screening plus €300 for the package of 250 searches, valid for 1 year. After the lapse of the 1st year or when the number of searches run out, whichever occurs first, the customer may then renew it’s existing screening package at a cost of €300+vat or upgrade to any other of the available screening packages.
  3. The offer does not include the optional features of Automated Monitoring or Registrar Access of the WiseBOS Screening Package, but both can be purchased separately
  4. The offer is not valid for customers who wish to subscribe to the WiseBOS Screening Solution as a standalone service
  5. This offer is not transferable to any other solutions or fees, cannot be combined with another offer, and cannot be redeemed for cash