An Intuitive & Modular Solution For Effective & Efficient

Governance, Risk & Compliance

An Intuitive and Modular Solution for Effective & Efficient Governance, Risk & Compliance Management

WiseBOS GRC is an out-of-the box solution of applications that blends flexibility across the organization for effective and efficient Governance, Risk and Compliance Management. It is a powerful and comprehensive software tool with innovative features and functionality enabling modern enterprises to build a reliable and robust framework to achieve corporate targets, provide an effective institution-wide risk management framework and successfully comply with business rules and regulations, both internally and externally.

WiseBOS Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Regulatory Compliance

Our Regulatory Compliance Management software solution enables companies to understand what regulations, policies and obligations are applicable to them globally or at local level, assists to find any gaps, manages changes and promotes taking appropriate actions.

The Regulatory Compliance module eliminates compliance deviations and helps compliance managers anticipate and manage regulatory change.

The Compliance Management module of GRC, also reduces the risk of non-compliance and provides a structured, transparent process to help organizations manage compliance according to industry best practices.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Make better informed decisions based on facts. Get a view of the risks across your enterprise and operations with real-time, interactive dashboards that let you proactively and accurately identify, assess, monitor and respond.

Audit Management

Enhance compliance with regulatory and corporate objectives. Eliminate manual processes and gain comprehensive real-time visibility into audit findings, as well as audit programs, issues and trends.

Meetings & Decisions

Manage your meetings and decisions effectively with real-time due-date notifications, reconfigurable reports and dashboards including many visualization options.

GDPR Compliance

Achieve and demonstrate GDPR compliance quickly, easily and cost-effectively.  Simplify your GDPR compliance activities and reduce costs while improving repeatability, robustness, reliability and audit trails.

Our GDPR module enables you to manage some of the more arduous and necessary elements of GDPR compliance, including recording and reporting on data breaches and determining whether third parties have suitable measures in place to protect personal data.


Dynamic Rule-Based Engine
Seamless Integration Capability
Web-Based Functionality
Automated Reminders & Notifications
Intelligent GRC Dashboards
Intuitive & User-Friendly Interface
Flexible & Configurable Process
Streamline Workflows

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