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HORIZON Europe SAFE-6G Project Kicks Off!

SAFE-6G Project (A Smart and Adaptive Framework for Enhancing Trust in 6G Networks) held its Kick-Off Meeting physically at Telefonica’s Innovation Campus in Madrid, Spain on January 16-17th 2024. This 36-month EU-funded Research and Innovation Action funded under the HORIZON Europe SNS programme officially started on the 1st of January 2024. Dr Marios Sophocleous (R&D Senior Project Manager) and Dr Dimitris Zouzias (R&D Project Manager) participated in the kick-off meeting representing eBOS, chaired by Mr Javier Garcia Rodrigo, as the Project Coordinator representing Telefonica Innovation Digital SL.

SAFE 6G proposes a research approach aimed at designing, developing and validating a 6G-ready, native trustworthiness framework by enabling user-centric safety, security, privacy, resilience, and reliability functions. This is achieved by utilising Explainable Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning techniques to cognitively coordinate and balance these functions to optimise the Level of Trust, which becomes an essential Key Societal Value Indicator for 6G, based on the trust requirements and data governance policy that each user/tenant/human-role specifies.

SAFE 6G will deliver a reference and trustworthy 6G Architecture that permits the development of a more dispersed 6G network based on user-centric features. Towards this goal, it will provide cognitive Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning models for coordinating user-centric functions that will reassure 6G trustworthiness. Artificial Intelligence-driven, Machine Learning Operation modules will be developed for automating the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning lifecycle. The user/tenant engagement will be simplified using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing-based conversational interfaces, capable of understanding the safety, security, privacy, resilience, and reliability requirements of the user/tenant and mapping them to the appropriate level of trust. Finally, to ensure compatibility and sustainability of the proposed SAFE-6G framework in future deployments, 6G-compatible, immersive, Metaverse services with trustworthiness support for the education and industry sector will be developed and compatibility with currently developing edge-cloud continuum MetaOS will be pursued, through 2 proof-of-concepts. The validated outcomes from the proof-of-concepts will be adopted by ongoing and future efforts to standardize technological recommendations.

eBOS’ role is to lead the task dedicated to the development of the User-Centric Safety function with the main objective of:

  • Design and develop an open-source, Software Defined Perimeter stack that emphasizes strong network security and safety, tailored to function seamlessly with the proposed user-centric 6G Packet Core. The developed Software Defined Perimeter will protect infrastructure nodes and ensure the availability of relevant microservices to specific users, creating new opportunities and capabilities for the telecommunication industry.

More information about the project can be obtained at the project’s website and social media:

SAFE-6G project has received funding from the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) under the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101139031.