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How can eBOS Help your Organisation with KSA’s latest
e-Invoicing Regulation?

Saudi Arabia has recently undergone significant regulatory amendments, bringing forth new compliance requirements for organisations operating in the Kingdom, specifically the adoption of e-Invoicing, which involves generating and storing invoices digitally. Following the Zakat, the Saudi Tax and Customs Authority’s regulations, e-Invoicing became mandatory in Saudi Arabia. The implemented regulations occur in two phases, with the first phase having commenced on 4 December 2021 and in enforcement until the present day. 

KSA’s digital infrastructure, adaptable regulatory regime, and high levels of digital proficiency have allowed growth for the RegTechs that play a crucial role in assisting organisations to become compliant with the latest regulatory policies.

eBOS’ Invoicing & Billing solution (WiseBOS I&B) transforms billing management into a valuable asset by offering flexible and reliable invoice management capabilities. This solution minimises billing cycles errors, enhances the overall efficiency, and boosts customer satisfaction. With innovative procedures and comprehensive reports, WiseBOS I&B streamlines billing processes effectively.

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