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How eCV can Elevate your Organisation

Proof of identity is essential in financial services, banking, insurance, and health services. Adopting a trustworthy proof of identity process significantly reduces the risk of identity theft, fraud, and loss of assets. Due to technological advancements, remote identification is on the rise, allowing automation to provide a frictionless onboarding experience – at a much faster rate.

Accurate ID verification is now an essential component of KYC (Know Your Customer) regulation. With the right technology and processes, organisations can further protect their clients and consumers’ data. With identity theft steadily increasing, high-profile data breaches affect millions of consumers yearly, creating a need for organisations worldwide to strengthen security measures regarding sensitive consumer data. In turn, the solution to the problem of identity theft lies in the state-of-the-art technology that facilitates it – meaning organisations are heavily investing in technology built for protecting their clients and themselves from malware and viruses.

eBOS plays a key role by offering the WiseBOS eCV – electronic Customer Verification, an advanced and secure solution to fast-track your digital transformation through electronic ID authentication, liveness detection and comprehensive eKYC. Beyond being a powerful AML tool, it enhances your client’s onboarding journey by providing an easy digital experience, resulting in customer satisfaction and loyalty. WiseBOS eCV protects your organisation by validating your customers’ identities across multiple data sources and ensures customer onboarding is faster, more secure, and more efficient.

Organisations continue to operate out of a rapidly changing landscape, and only those that can respond quickly to changing consumer needs while providing them with the security they need will succeed.