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Interconnecting Infrastructure in Global Logistics Scene Enhancing European’s Leadership in Transport Area: Project PLANET Comes to its End!

On the 7th and 8th of March, 2023 eBOS Technologies R&D Senior Project Manager Philippos Philippou, attended the last physical PLANET event signalling the finalisation of the project, which started in May 2020 and will finish in April 2023. The general meeting was organized by CERTH in Thessaloniki, Greece and was hosted by Mr. Gerasimos Kouloumbis representing Inlecom Group as the Project’s Coordinator. A total of 34 participants took part in engaging presentations and discussions on the achieved results and accomplished objectives following a successful and challenging 36 months of research and innovation work.

PLANET aims at advancing EU’s leadership in global logistics flows, by efficiently interconnecting infrastructure (TEN-T, Rail-Freight Corridors) with consideration to geopolitical developments, current and emerging transport modes, and technological solutions. Ultimately, progress aiming at federated logistics is geared towards increasing the prosperity of nations, preserving the environment, and enhancing European citizens’ quality of life.

The project goes indeed beyond strategic transport studies and ICT for transport research, by rigorously demonstrating the emerging concepts (Physical Internet) and technologies (IoT, Blockchain) in three EU-global real-world corridors (China – EU- US).

eBOS was honoured to participate in this interesting and challenging project, providing work to the Human Machine and Machine-to-Machine Interfaces paving the way to innovative interoperability and collaboration of logistics users around the globe based on new emerging technology and concepts. Moreover, eBOS actively participated to the communication endeavours of the project to maximize the impact of the findings to the industry, related communities and the public.

PLANET is an EU-funded project under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

More information can be accessed from the PLANET project website.