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Introducing the WiseBOS Version New Release

Here at eBOS we work hard to continuously refine and upgrade the solutions that you use and love. This new version brings several improvements and features that we are certain you’ll find valuable for your business.

Starting August 2023, we’ll be releasing Version for the Customer Screening (SCr) and Electronic Customer Verification (eCV) solutions.  

Our Customer Screening solution has been fortified with additional enhanced security features, to ensure your sensitive data remains even safer than ever. 

The Electronic Customer Verification solution, will take you by surprise with the addition of some very useful features, tremendously improving the User Experience (UX). The new release will feature a guided step-by-step process helping you capture your ID document from your laptop camera with more ease, as well as a Circular Motion Face Detection capture, elevating the accuracy of the image capture to the next level.

The new Version will roll out in August and all customers will be notified by email. Thank you for your continuous support and stay tuned for even more exciting updates to come!