KYC & AML Software Solution

RiSC - Risk Intelligence, Scoring & Compliance

The Ultimate Automated AML Tool - Compliance Through Advanced Next Generation Regulatory Technology

WiseBOS RiSC – Risk intelligence, Scoring & Compliance’ is an advanced, comprehensive, next-generation solution that provides more efficient and effective risk-based compliance capability to financial and non-financial institutions. It assists companies, such as audit, fiduciary, legal, investment, EMI, banks and insurance firms, to minimize exposure to financial fraud and terrorism financial activities, while maintaining and fulfilling regulatory compliance requirements. WiseBOS RiSC is our clients’ number one preferred choice when having to deal with anti-money laundering procedures, determining the risk levels and mitigating the risks associated with the onboarding and monitoring of customers.

WiseBOS RiSC Helps Enterprises

Ensure a Holistic Compliance by Adhering to European Commission’s Latest AML Directives
Seamlessly Integrate with the WiseBOS Screening & WiseBOS eCV Solutions for Holistic & Automated Compliance
Monitor Activities & Produce Meaningful Regulatory Reports
Comprehensive KYC Management
Detect, Investigate & Document Suspicious Cases
Intelligent AML Risk Assessment
Advanced Scoring Functionalities
Maintain a Wide View of Customers' Relationships


Intelligent Risk Assessment for Legal & Physical Entities
AML Analytical Score & Reporting for Legal & Physical Entities
Advanced Comprehensive KYC Profiles
Comprehensive Document Management
Improved Workflow Management
Automated Reminders & Warnings
Intuitive, Flexible, Friendly User Interface
Multi-Enterprise Handling
Web-Based Functionality
Data Security & Audit Trail
Dynamic Rules-Based Engine
Supports Assets, Investments & Branches
Automate your Compliance Procedures
Improve your Productivity
Simplify your Work

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