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KYC: Managing Digital Identity

Due to the acceleration of technological advancements and regulation changes, banks and financial institutions require more advanced resources to manage digital identity. This has created a need where organisations require access to more databases and assistance with automating customer onboarding.

RegTechs have entered the market to automate the KYC process, fulfill AML compliance and eliminate fraud across industries, allowing for a more effective user experience. The KYC process confirms the customer’s identity and understands the nature of their transactions while assessing money laundering risks.

eBOS offers a variety of solutions that counter potential risks through efficient customer screening integrated with KYC and AML compliance frameworks. WiseBOS eCV assists in creating a seamless customer experience and safeguarding the organisation by integrating identity verification documents and eKYC into their customer onboarding process.

WiseBOS Screening provides all organisations concerned with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) mandates with the necessary technology to prevent criminal infiltration into the financial system efficiently and with effective customer screening, which results in more accurate data.

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