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Meet TRUSTS at the EBDVF 2022 Event in Prague

The European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF) is the flagship event of the European Big Data Value and Industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research and Innovation community. EBDVF 2022 is the 6th edition of the event, organised by the Big Data Value Association (BDVA), IT4Innovations (VSB – Technical University of Ostrava), Plan4all and Charles University in Prague in collaboration with the European Commission (DG CNECT). It has been granted with the Czech Republic Presidency Auspice.

The main organiser of the event, BDVA in which eBOS is a full member, is an industry-driven international non-profit organisation with over 230 members all over Europe, focusing on enabling the digital transformation of the economy and society through Data and AI, by advancing in areas such as, big data and AI technologies and services, data platforms and data spaces, industrial AI, data-driven value creation, standardisation, and skills.

The central theme of the EBDVF 2022 edition will be “At the Heart of the AI and Data Ecosystems” and we are excited to announce that eBOS representative, Mrs Gianna Avgousti (R&D Project Manager) will be participating in a panel discussion on the ‘Future of Europe’s Innovations: Federated Data Sharing Environments’ following eBOS involvement in the Trusted Secure Data Sharing Space (TRUSTS) Horizon 2020 EU funded project.

TRUSTS is an Innovation Action project funded by the European Commission’s H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871481 with the goal to create a secure and trustworthy European Data market for personal and industrial use by interconnecting different user groups and providing generic functionalities for innovative applications and services. The Consortium consists of seventeen partners based in nine countries (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Israel, the Netherlands, Romania, and Spain). The project kick started in January 2020, and it is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

eBOS leads the work package dedicated to the demonstration of the TRUSTS platform as well as one of the three use cases, in which it leverages its flagship solution, the WiseBOS Suite. The TRUSTS panel discussion will be focusing on:

  • The general overview of federated data sharing environments;
  • The technical shallow dive into interoperability and its importance;
  • The legal interoperability to Legal Frameworks for such federated environments;
  • How do we understand the value of data marketplaces in general;
  • What TRUSTS has achieved.

More information about the project and its public deliverables can be accessed from: