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NERO, a Digital Europe Programme Kicks Off!

On December 13th 2023, the NERO project “advaNced cybErsecurity awaReness ecOsystem for SMEs”, held its physical kick-off meeting (KoM) in Piraeus, Greece. This 36-month EU-funded Digital Europe Programme project officially started on the 1st December 2023. 

Dr. Charalambos Klitis (R&D Technical Project Manager), Mr. Christos Skoufis (R&D Senior Project Manager), and Dr. Elisavet Grigoriou (R&D Programme Manager) participated in the KoM, hosted by Dr. Kitty Kioskli, and Dr. Eleni Seralidou representing TRUSTILIO, as the coordinator of the project. 

The meeting was attended by representatives of the 15 consortium partners and included partners’ presentations of the vision and objectives of the project. Partners also discussed the project’s implementation work plan, challenges and risks identified, and its implementation schedule.

NERO is dedicated to making a concrete impact by actively cultivating a culture prioritising security, countering cyber threats, and bolstering overall cybersecurity resilience. This commitment materialises through an advanced Cybersecurity Ecosystem consisting of four key frameworks:


Implementing a Cybersecurity Awareness program to create a culture that prioritises security.


Customising solutions for SMEs through the provision of a Cyber Immunity Toolkit Repository.


Delivering a Cyber Resilience Program and Gamified Cyber Awareness Training.


Offering a user-friendly Marketplace to ensure easy access to essential cybersecurity resources.

The validation of the NERO project will take place through three heterogeneous use cases covering there diverse sectors:


Enhancing Patient Data Security in Healthcare.


Strengthening Supply Chain Resilience in Transportation and Logistics.


Enhancing Financial Security in specific scenarios.

These impactful initiatives collectively empower SMEs to effectively address cybersecurity challenges and promoting a proactive and resilient security posture.

eBOS assumes a pivotal role in the project acting as the Technical Manager, overseeing critical technical aspects of the project, including not only crafting the technical planning and executing the project but also providing diligent technical oversight and support.

In addition to steering the technical management, eBOS takes the lead in shaping NERO’s ecosystem design, including NERO’s conceptual architecture. Emphasis is placed on interconnecting all NERO architectural components, ensuring seamless interoperability from the project’s inception.

eBOS also leads the integration, demonstration, and evaluation phases of NERO’s use cases. A vital objective is to showcase NERO’s technologies and extract valuable insights. To achieve this, eBOS leverages its commercial applications suite, termed WiseBOS, and infrastructure, in a collaboration aimed at validating, evaluating, and demonstrating NERO’s frameworks within a fintech organisation. This ensures robust protection against cyber threats through the deployment of the CYBIT framework tools.

NERO has received funding from the EU’s Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL-JU) under Grant Agreement no. 101127411.