advaNced cybErsecurity awaReness ecOsystem for SMEs

Duration: 01/12/2023 – 30/11/2026   |   Total Funding: € 4 284 605.45


NERO comprises five interconnected frameworks within an advanced Cybersecurity Ecosystem. These frameworks are designed to implement a comprehensive Cybersecurity Awareness program, aligning with ENISA’s recommendation as the optimal approach for cultivating a security-first mindset among employees. This initiative aims to educate individuals on effectively mitigating the impact of cyber threats, integrating various activities, resources, and training to instil a robust cybersecurity culture.

NERO focuses primarily on assisting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by offering a Cyber Immunity Toolkit Repository, a Cyber Resilience Program, and Cyber Awareness Training delivered through a gamified approach, accessible through a user-friendly Marketplace.

To validate the effectiveness and performance of this concept, NERO will undergo three use case demonstrations across different domains. These include enhancing patient data security in healthcare through implementing cybersecurity tools, strengthening supply chain resilience in the transportation and logistics industry through heightened cybersecurity awareness, and boosting financial security through enhanced cybersecurity awareness and tools.

Project Objectives


Demonstrate the benefits of NERO through 3 use cases applying the 2-phases iteration approach in healthcare, finance, transportation and logistics sectors.


Support the experts’ communication by sharing knowledge and advanced training materials utilising EU tools that follow security-by-design and privacy-by-design approaches.


Improve the security of ICT solutions by leveraging bug bounty programmes and crowdsource vulnerability discovery and disclosure practices.


Improve the auditing resilience by offering to crowdsource security research and testing services.


Improve cyber security awareness through gamification-based training and advanced cyber ranges to boost cyber hygiene.

eBOS Role in the Project

As a central figure in the NERO project, eBOS assumes a pivotal role as the Technical Manager, overseeing critical aspects of project management. This involves not only crafting the technical planning and executing the project but also providing diligent oversight.

In addition to steering the technical management, eBOS takes the lead in shaping NERO’s ecosystem design, including the project architecture. A significant emphasis is placed on interconnecting all NERO components, ensuring seamless interoperability from the project’s inception.

Finally, eBOS leads the integration, demonstration, and evaluation phases of NERO’s use cases. A vital objective is to showcase NERO’s technologies and extract valuable insights. To achieve this, eBOS leverages its commercial suite, WiseBOS, and infrastructure, in a collaboration aimed at validating, evaluating, and demonstrating NERO’s frameworks within a fintech organisation. This ensures robust protection against cyber threats through the deployment of the CYBIT framework tools.

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